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    Nathan - The man with wings

    Nath spotted with the corner of his eye, a man lying on top of a tree, eating one of the fruits from the tree. THE TREE!!
    Nath rushed back over to the tree, where the man was. He was funny looking, but at the same time, cool. Nath halted for a second, and started at the man curiously. He wasn't too shocked by the fact that he had wings, he was more shocked at the fact that he crash landed in a tree with fruit that gives you nightmares.
    "Umm... You know that fruits dangerous right?" Nath shouted up at the man.
    "I'm not sure if it's a myth or something, but apparently the fruit from the tree can give you nightmares..."
    Nath stared at the man again. He looked friendly, but he also looked tired. He almost looked like he was about to collapse.
    Nath hesitantly spoke again. "Are you in the league?"

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