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    I'm (Obviously) new here and new to forums in general, I wanted to start off in familiar territory, and I was surprised to find that I had already made an account! When this was I don't know, but it did save me a lot of hassle so, I suppose it's for the best! My relations to Pokemon goes waaaay back, when I first got a Game Boy Advance, brand new, a family friend gave me Gold and Silver (Gold had a dead save battery so I never played it) and I just sort of got into the series from there, it wasn't my first game, not by a long shot, but it was great and still is! I love the series and it has one of the best communities! While I'm often called derogatory names for liking Pokemon, I'll love it forever no matter what, and I wanted to share my love with the others here who share my feelings for the series, while I'm no Pokemon expert I still think I can make some great friends with similar interests!...Until Next Time ~Tio'
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