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Omg yeahh, that is a good avatar. @[email protected] Maybe I'm just biased since Espeon is so cute... especially in the new Mystery Dungeon game! Just want to hug her!

Yellow was awesome but the second generation of Pokemon was even better. Interested in checking out the Metal/Color Generation board? :3 You can discuss the first two generations there, HeartGold and SoulSilver excluded of course. Seems like it'd be a nice place to stop by sometimes since you like the early games. Plenty of others do too here, so you'll find members with interests similar to your own over there! I personally prefer Gold to Silver cause I like Ho-Oh a bit more but Crystal is still the bomb. Nothing beats the animated sprites and the legendary dog music was breathtaking and sent shivers up my spine as a kid!

And, well, if you stick around you'll get to meet a whole bunch of us. Most important part of becoming a community regular is not disappearing! You seem like a great and very promising member so perhaps you really will evolve into a lasting member. We can never have enough of good people like you, especially if you're as dedicated to Pokemon as we are. Lots of new members tend to disappear so I'll be crossing my fingers you can stick around, right? By the way, we are both Timid-natured members who are from New York. Let's work to change that so we're not as shy, hehe.

Enjoy your day or night! Have a wonderful time and see you around the forum! :) Remember to read the rules and if you have questions, just contact a staff member! There's also the Quick Questions & Answers thread alternative, too.

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