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Favourite BBT Character (and Why): Sheldon Cooper, for me he's the face of BBT and I just love how smart he is and his interesting personality

Favourite BBT Episode (and Why): When Sheldon had his WoW account stolen and tracked it down to some person's house and they had to get it. Because I also play WoW and the part when Sheldon called the police to tell them that he his account got stolen was too awesome xD

Favourite BBT Quote (Optional): *knock, knock, knock* Penny, *knock, knock, knock* Penny, *knock, knock, knock* Penny :D

Topic: If Sheldon Cooper was a super villian, what would his name be

what would he look like?
Large brain with a green and red costume

What would his evil super powers be?
Super intelligence & telekinesis

Who would be his minions and how would they dress
Henchmen in spacesuits for combat and henchmen in laboratory coats for indoor experiments

what are their powers?
different sort of Rayguns

Do they follow a particular theme?
I don't get this question :C

What is their evil ambition?
To get rid of other scientists so he can be the smartest man in the world

Who is their arch enemy?
Bulkster, a similar character to Hulk but instead of transforming because of anger, he could become big and strong whenever he wants
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