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    Just so you know, Red. Proper SU construction from my part will not come until this weekend (hopefully), I has too much homework -.-

    Have this for now:
    Name: Victor de Lancaster
    Gender: Male
    Color: Green
    Class: PRIEST [of something]

    Age: 15
    Home: Juarez City, Chihuahua. It's in Mexico, by the way...
    Family: Mother [divorced from his father], two older brothers, a younger sister and three dogs...
    Theme Song: Moonsetter :D One of my favs from the entire Homestuck bandcamp :3
    Battle Song: Chorale for War.

    Good personality traits: Smart.
    Can easily come up with a plan.
    Great sense of humor.
    Honest (perhaps a little bit too honest at times)
    Cares for others.

    Bad personality traits:
    Bad temper.
    Overly sarcastic.
    Tends to make a hell of a mess out of simple things (which is, he tends to complicate things... a lot).
    Helps ONLY when convenient.
    Most of times rude (but fails to realize he IS being rude)
    Cold and Distant.

    Interests and hobbies: (state at least 3 major things that you love doing in your spare time. Be creative!)

    Appearance: (what do you look like? Body, style of clothing, face, hair etc. Include a picture if you want, but I'll still demand a full written description)

    First post: (This shall be a freshly written text about the character you are going to be, and this will likely have a great influence on whether you'll get a spot or not. Write about being at home or arriving at home and somehow fetching or getting the CHESS game package from the mail. Include detailed description of your home. Mention all of the people and pets living with you. Mention all the hobbies or interests that you stated above. Also, you will here have the chance to display the personality and hint at some history of your character if you want to flesh that out before we begin the actual RP. NOTE: do not install the game yet.)

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