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So putting a terrible skeleton for the time being. So yeah, I'll be joining this with a MALE PRIEST.

EDIT: The SU is done and ready to be reviewed.

Name: Liam Drummond
Gender: Male
Color: This color seems good. So "Light Blue."
Class: Priest

Age: 16
Home: Edinburgh, Scotland. It's a two story, suburban home. Three bedrooms and a bathroom on the top floor. Staircase leads down to the entrance/foyer. Ground floor has a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. The backyard has a large porch area. Front yard has a flower beds in the front along with a small front patio built around the entrance. A white fence borders the entire property.
Family: Liam was born in Ireland, but quickly given up for adoption. In an odd twist of fate, a Scottish family decided to adopt him seemingly dispelling the timeless rumor that Irish people and Scottish people just don't get along. Maybe it's because they live in the United Kingdom. Liam now lives in a suburban home outside Ediburgh, one of the largest cities in Scotland with his adoptive mother and father and little sister. While he has no official pets, his mother tends to a bunch of local stray cats by offering food and water to them.
Theme song: Radioactive- Imagine Dragons

Good personality traits:
+ Honest and straightforward
+ Intelligent and fairly clever
+ Witty
+ Exudes strong leadership
+ Eccentric, but not necessarily creative
+ He forgets words every once in a while, which can be cute.
Bad personality traits:
- Cold/unemotional
- Sarcastic
- Arrogant (though this can be a strength as he is confident)
- Picky about pretty much everything
- Over thinks things
- Hates certain words, like "verily."
Interests and hobbies:
-> Sports. Liam is exceptionally active and loves most sports. He doesn't necessarily consider himself a "jock", but has been labelled as such by his peers. His favorite sports include Rugby and Basketball.
-> Collecting. Liam collects…things. His obsession with things comes in waves and has collected: buttons, staplers, rocks, cards and at one point bugs. He has calmed down and has refocused. Now he collects video games and video game memorabilia. He still keeps his old collections though.
-> Social adventures. A broad term to describe the fact that Liam loves to engage in social events, discussions and debates. Especially debating pointless issues like endings to books and video games.
-> Reading. Liam reads just about anything, but has a particular interest in history and mythology.
-> Video games. He's a big time gamer. Let's leave it at that.
-> Japanese anime, manga and culture. He's pretty much obsessed.
-> Making funny voices.

Appearance: Liam's Irish roots are fairly present, and as a result the fact he is adopted is readily present at any family gathering. With his long, fairly wavy blonde hair and blue eyes, he rather sticks out compared to the slightly darker tones (in hair and eyes) of his Scottish surroundings. His bright blue eyes are usually obscured by a pair of glasses. His face has few impurities, though his aversion towards shaving keeps a bit of stubble on his face. Despite being active and outdoors a fair amount, Liam is pale, a trait he blames on his Irish heritage. Liam is also tall, especially for his age standing at 6'2 (188cm) with a thin, yet athletic build coming from his extensive career in sports. Liam has notably long limbs, which is helpful when playing basketball, and suggests he is not done growing yet.

Liam's style of dress is...random at best. Normally, he wears a colorful t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, an old pair of sneakers and calls it a day (cold weather hardly bothers him so he usually skips putting on a jacket or coat in the morning). However, Liam is known to recognize an occasion and dress up to meet the formalities required of him. He will wear button shirts, ties and dress pants if an situation calls for it, but if he wants to "bum" it out, prepare to see something of a slob. Never fear, Liam is hygienic so he always appears clean and "fresh" (though he hates when you use that word in such a context).

Liam also favors wearing a few accessories, notably leather belts and his fancy rolex watch that his father gave him for his 15th birthday.

First post:

Liam Drummond

It was not your typical bedroom that Liam buried himself in. Then again, Liam is not your typical teenager. It was hard to see the painted red walls of his room, considering the vast amounts of posters (many of them signed), bookcases constructing his vast library of novels and textbooks and shelves displaying his hefty collection of…stuff (including his rocks, staplers, jars of bugs and models). Additionally, he hung up on the wall his collection of video game swords, including the legendary Master Sword of Zelda fame. Liam sat at his desk, crouching on the office chair as he meticulously constructed a new model, this one from the Gundam franchise while Beethoven's 9th Symphony blasted from his homemade desktop PC, that his father helped him make. His cluttered desk of books, various pieces that belonged to various things and cases to movies and videos was perched right beside by the window, which he creaked open to allow for some fresh air to enter his room. Despite this, Liam's man cave and shrine to eccentric interests was not a disorganized mess that looked as if someone tossed a half dozen grenades into to spurn about some perverted sense of chaos. No, in fact, Liam's room was exceptionally organized. He needed that organization. Otherwise, it would ruin the sense of Zen that his room created any time he decided to lock himself in.

Liam was drawn more and more into his model as Beethoven's Symphony ramped up, reaching his favorite part. He pretty soon lost himself that he didn't hear the creaking of the door. Or at least he didn't pay attention to it. Not at first. It was only when he reached for his sandwich that was beside him that he noticed something was afoot. "Where be my sandwich?" He said aloud. His eyes narrowed and a smile stretched across his face. Liam knew exactly what was going on. It was a game they played. Liam tried to play dumb, but it hardly suited him. He reached for one of his smaller magazines that was nearby in his stack of stuff that collected by his monitor and heaved it across his room, aiming from the small shadow that was in the corner of his room by bed.


"Really, Alice? Ye got to learn how to hide better than that. Now bring back the sammich!" He said, faking his anger as he changed his tone abruptly into his worst American accent. His little sister came out of the corner and shuffled slowly over to her adopted brother, gingerly returning the sandwich to him. But then she pulled a fast one and bolted out the room. "Get back haur!" Liam said as he leapt to his feet, chasing his sister throughout the house. She was a quick one and glided down the stairs as Liam did his best to follow her. She took a quick turn into the kitchen and ran out the back door into the backyard. Liam was about to jump out there himself but then.

"Liam. Lad come here," it was his father's stern voice coming from behind the local newspaper. He sat alone at the kitchen table as he did every morning, burying his nose into the paper.

"Aye?" Liam said, sighing. He wasn't going to get that sandwich back was he? Probably not. It was not big loss, so a sly smile came about him. Alice was getting sneaky. That's good. She was learning.

"Can ye check on your mum?"

"She outside like usual? Feedin' the cats?" Liam said, gesturing over to the front door. His father didn't say anything, which was in his nature. Liam's father was hardly a chatterbox, preferring to keep things concise. At first Liam thought his father was a total jerk, but in the past year or so he realized that was just his father's personality. He let his actions speak for him. "Righty-o." Liam said, as he moved out to the hallway, quickly shuffling through the closet under the stairs for a pair of shoes to go outside to check on his mother. Using his graceful skills acquiring from years of being lazy (he preferred the term efficient), Liam slid on a pair of sneakers and walked out the front door. His mother was on the front patio, refilling the food bowls with a couple of stray cats around the area. The cats were used to Liam and his mother, but hated his father and sister. This was mostly because Alice chased them and his father always yells at them (he never let animals inside the house). Meanwhile, Liam could care less about their existence and his mother always takes care of them. "Hoi! Father is looking for ye. Or somethin."

"You can tell him, I'll be there," she replied with a smile, petting one of the cats. Her accent was weaker than rest of them, because she traveled so much in her earlier years. "Oh, Liam. Can you get the post?"

"Aye. Sure thing," Liam said. He walked over to the front mailbox, standing right outside the white fence. He grabbed all the mail in one easy motion. There wasn't much in the box. Most of it was bills anyway, but strangely enough there was one package addressed to him. "I didn't order anythin'." His eyes widened as he stepped inside, ignoring his mother's questions. He dropped off the post on the table and made his back into his room.

Liam crouched on his chair, tearing open the package. He gently cleared his desk as he did, making a bit of room to put the unwrapped package on the desk. The package revealed itself as a blue and red and white box, similar to one that dvds or games come in. It appeared to be a game, at least that is what looked like. It didn't say what console it was for. Hopefully that meant it was for the PC, since Liam hated consoles. He usually used his PC for gaming. Speaking of his PC, Liam turned to it to check his email, passively chucking the tacky the package on to his bed. A few moments later, he turned back to his model, not caring that his teachers sent him critiques on his homework. A few moments later, he saw the package glisten in the light. Raising an eyebrow, Liam got up and checked the box again. "What's your story?" he asked the package, as if he was expecting reply. He didn't remember ordering any new games. After all, he preferred to download them unless the game was a big deal or one of the few console games he bothered to purchase. The front picture gleamed when he tilted it ever so slightly with a shiny holographic image. The word CHESS was printed with black letters on the white background just below the picture.

CHESS? CHESS. CHESS. The name didn't sound familiar. The only "CHESS" he knew was the traditional board game, where Liam had an outstanding record of 57-4. The only person who could beat him was his adoptive grandfather, who challenged at least once a year at the family reunion in Glasgow. Googling it would be pointless since the first pages would undoubtedly be about the traditional chess. Maybe a couple of online editions of the game. He moved back to his chair, spinning in the chair slowly as he observed his room. His collections staring back at him. He stared extra long at his collection of models, all of them influenced by his Otaku obsessions, including a few Gundams, RPG characters, and anime figures. He did this hoping that one of his hundreds of collectibles would stir some idea about this package was about. Nothing about the package seemed…natural. It felt too strange. Too unorthodox. Nothing that he would normally buy either. He made sure his money only went to things he cared for. His job at the local game store didn't pay nearly enough to waste it on senseless crap like this. After all, John would probably have mentioned it some obscure title like this. Maybe he bought it for Liam? No. That was doubtful. John hated Liam anyway, mostly because Liam insults him every day.

Unpacking the box earned him a couple new pieces of evidence. A CD case? Or a cheap DVD case? Didn't matter. It only because more suspicious. It could be a cheap indie game and they sent out to local people for testing. Though that hardly seemed effective. And who would do that? Liam probably would. Scratch that. There was also a manuel of some sort with some information.

"Hello, you have been chosen to participate in CHESS, a feat that will be accredited to very few individuals. CHESS is an innovative, exciting new computer game meant to revolutionize gaming and life as we know it. Bringing you features from popular genres such as Simulation, Role-Playing, Adventure, Action, Strategy, Puzzle, and many more. Each of these features has been molded and refined to their maximum level. Upon installing the game, you will enter a world of mystery and suspense, all while enjoying the perfection that is CHESS."

Well, it was a game. Liam was intrigued. It sounded worth a shot. It was free after all. He looked back at the cover to see if he could find the name of developer. Instead he found some more text on the cover. Something he must of missed while he pondered the entire situation.

✜ If a PLAYER is slain, the KISS has to be given to the corpse and the DREAMSELF will come alive.
✜ If a DREAMSELF is slain, the PLAYER will nevermore dream on the MOONS.
✜ If a PLAYER with a dead DREAMSELF is slain, the player enters the AFTERLIFE."

Well, now the game didn't make sense. The lingo was difficult to comprehend. Maybe playing the game would make everything make more sense. "Sometimes ya just gotta leap into the fire."

He put the disc into the computer, waiting for the game to install.

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