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    Shawn Williams - Raikou Dorm - Beach

    Shawn watched as Mouser came full bore at Pyra with a Tackle attack. He simply walked a few steps to his left as the little rattata passed right through her without damage. However, now Pyra was facing him instead of Kiki, which was the whole point of the exercise. Shawn looked directly at Pyra, "Maneuver around and put Mouser between you and the opposing trainer." Pyra looked a little upset at first, but nodded and appeared behind the opponent, facing Kiki and Mouser both. "That's it," he encouraged his Litwick, "Now use Will-o-Wisp."

    Pyra closed her eyes and concentrated, the flame on top of her head growing as she increased her fire strength. A few small reddish-white orbs of super-concentrated heat formed around her body. Soon, she opened her eyes and the volley of orbs flew out towards Mouser. The spread of the attack, however, would cause a couple of orbs to be sent Kiki's way. He hoped they wouldn't hit Kiki and hurt her.

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