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The one out is the one I have not touched. I haven't released any of my fixes yet. So there are still a lot of bad movement flags, some bad transparency (one building in Drakebreath and the Pokémon Center in Snowce come to mind, some bad tree flags, and even a tree that looks different on both sides in Route 407), and a couple of other bugs; for instance, there is a tile in the Snowce Gym that is not set to ice, and video walkthroughs have proven the bug right there without them knowing it's a bug.

I don't know whether there will be fixes in the Gyms that you can get stuck in. If I can figure out how to save scripts, I might be able to set machines ahead of the other flags to turn off all the flags behind it so you don't get stuck. Maybe a similar machine can be put into place at the end of the Gym as well in those cases, or even a warp. We'll see!

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