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Name: Penelope Cruz
Gender: Female
Color: Cadmiumlemon | FFE303
Class: Rogue
Age: 15

Home: Nova Scotia, Canada. She lives in a three-story town house. There is at least one bathroom per floor, there is two on the first level and a set of stairs connects each floor. Penelope lives on the second floor in a spacious room that is covered with posters of her favorite bands (One Direction mostly). Her older siblings live in separate rooms on the third floor and she rarely goes up there. The first floor is where the kitchen, dining room, parent's room, and family room are all located at.

Family: Twin older (by three years) siblings, Genevieve and Gavin that mostly stay secluded to their own rooms or in Gavin's case never in his room. Her parents both work odd hours, with her dad being a police officer and her mother being a nurse they're always on call in case danger happens.

Theme Song: Only Girl (In The World) - Rihanna

Good personality traits:
- Upbeat: Penelope's attitude is always in a cheery state, she never lets anything get her down. She really doesn't get the point of being solemn because those people never have any fun. Cheering people up or "infecting" people with her happiness is something she always tries to do. If she can get someone to laugh or just stop thinking about something that's really bugging them then Penelope's even more happy. There's always a pep in her step, Penelope can never sit still, not that she would want to, she's always on the move.

- Trusting: Seeing the good in someone is all Penelope focuses on no matter how many times they've screwed up she feels like people deserve another chance. She has no problem trusting strangers that she has just met, now, she isn't trusting in a way that would leave her dead on the side of the road. If Penelope senses a "goodness" in a person she'll put her faith, time, and effort into being their friend and trying to get to know them. She has no problem disclosing any of her personal information to someone she just met, she finds it refreshing.

- Easy Going: If there's one thing that encompasses Penelope it's her lax nature. She never appears to get angry on the outside, there's always a smile on her face. If anyone were to say anything negative about her she would just shrug it off and then perhaps compliment them for their honesty. Penelope just likes to be around people, she's a very, very social person. Nothing pleases and relaxes her more than talking (in general but) to other people and being around them even if they aren't in the best of moods.

Bad personality traits:
- Flustered: Despite her all her bests efforts Penelope still gets flustered when she cannot get something right. She's not good at working under pressure in a time crunch, because she knows that anything she does will be far from perfect when stressed. That's why she tends to take everything slow and steady so that there won't be any mistakes that will effect her or anything around her as well.

- Stubborn: Going side by side with is her getting flustered is her frequent stubbornness. Penelope doesn't know how to simply ask people for help, she was always told by her father to "suck it up and do it yourself" so that's exactly what she does. She doesn't like airing the troubles she has out there and relying on other people for help. If she can't do it by herself Penelope won't do it at all or if someone has partaken in it she won't share the prize/be happy with her work. This results in Penelope being very hard on herself so she's a little bit of a perfectionist.

Interests and hobbies:
- Cheerleading/Soccer: True to her upbeat, peppy self Penelope's involved herself with cheerleading, mainly because it gave her something to do rather than going home. Though, the one thing Penelope dislikes is that everyone thinks of her as some brainless, vapid person who doesn't know how to be nice to people. For that reason Penelope tends to stray away from the rest of the cheerleading squad, but not much otherwise she'd be outcasted from them. Penelope also plays soccer for her school's team and she believes that she does really well at it eventually enough to get her a scholarship to go play for an University.

- Culture: Penelope is absolutely fascinated by the cultures people live in, especially those from different countries. One day Penelope hopes that she can visit these places that she reads about online and experience it in real life. She's always doing some sort of research on the various religions and social norms of those in different societies as well. Right now, she just started on a project for school about Scotland, she absolutely adores their accents.

- Rapping: A passion known by very few people, Penelope has always had a thing for the hip-hop/rap genre. When she's alone in her room she'll put on an instrumental and start going with the flow, she even keeps a journal with her lyrics scribbled down in purple ink. She has no plans on becoming a mainstream or even underground artist it's just something that Penelope loves to do in her free time it helps get her mind off of things.

Appearance: Penelope inherits a lot of her darker feature, such as her hair and skin tone from her mother who is from España. Her extremely dark brown hair is long, and wavy (when not in braided) and is usually braided with a yellow bow at the end of the braid. She usually keeps the braid over her left shoulder and constantly touches it when talking. The thin eyebrows she also got from her mother, while her sorta larger nose she got from her father who is from Québec. Many of her friends tell Penelope she's pretty, especially that they're jealous of her lips that are plump even if they haven't been kissed yet. Her lips are usually covered in lip gloss or lipstick depending on what she is wearing that day. She has hazel eyes that are surrounded by long eyelashes (some people are convinced that they're fake).

She has a rather petite frame, but she's still taller than most of the girls her age. Casual, flowy floral dresses is what Penelope chooses to wear on most days if she feels like getting cute. Heels are something that Penelope hates wearing she'd rather just wear cute, trendy shoes that match whatever she's wearing and can walk the most comfortable in. Though, she has to be in her cheerleading uniform a lot due to them always having practice. Penelope loves showing off her legs because they're her favorite feature about herself, long, toned but covered with a few scars. Her calves are all the evidence she needs to convince anyway that she plays soccer without actually showing them her skills. With both her parents knowing two different languages and having two different dialects it has given her her own unique one. It sometimes is embarrassing for her because Penelope's pronunciation of words can make it hard to know what she says but she tries her best to enunciate.

First Post:

"Want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world
Like I'm the only one that you'll ever love
Like I'm the only one who knows your heart
Only girl in the world..."

Limbs moved in every direction as Penelope twirled around in her yellow dress that was covered with a generic white flower print. She sung along with every word that came out of her iHome that was located on her white oak dresser, which she had been sitting until this song came on. Every move she made was made with such overemphasis it made Penelope seem like she was drunk rather than gracefully dancing. The chorus is when she sang her loudest into her invisible hand mic. Both her mother and father had already begun their evening shifts trusting her older siblings to look after her, which meant that if Penelope stayed out of Gavin's way he would stay out of hers. Vieve on the otherhand was more soft spoken and the two rarely interacted, some would doubt they were even twins due to their extremely different personalities. Though, Penelope wasn't above ratting Gavin out for one, sneaking out of the house passed curfew and two, doing drugs.

If one were to stand in Penelope's wooden doorway, even though that would be extremely difficult (and somewhat creepy) seeing as she always keeps her door closed. The door itself was also wooden but painted white, not that one could see the white as it was covered in posters. Her queen size bed was pushed horizontal against the far wall and to the left, which is also beneath two sets of open-curtained windows where one could see the busy street in front of her house. She had cheetah print sheets, actual cheetah print not leopard print that most people misidentified as cheetah print. The unmade bed was messy, she hated Algebra homework, well, any homework and thus left it there. Her desk was pushed vertical against the upper righthand corner (if you're still standing at the door that is...), it too was white. Her adorable collection of stuffed animals were spread out on top of the wooden bookstore that was to the left of her dresser, which was located on the wall where the door was. It housed several popular series Twilight, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and many others that she hadn't read in awhile. The most prized stuffed animal was a small, blue bear named Blueberry who remained somewhere underneath the mounds of blankets she had on her bed, at least that's the last place Penelope reminded seeing him.

"You couldn't even be tripping
You can't afford a vacation
I'm out in Haiti with Haitians
I go to Asia with Asians
You mad dusty, you a lil dusty possum
I just come through with the six like my name was Blossom"

Thankfully the song had changed to rap, which Penelope delivered flawlessly even mimicking Nicki Minaj's voice that was her favourite part. As the song continued on Penelope found herself too energized to remained seating so she chose to do something with her energy by going to fetch the mail. Without putting on shoes she jumped down the beige-coloured carpeted stairs two at a time while humming the song that had been playing previously. The first floor was covered in family photos, Penelope blamed their mother who never, and that meant never missed a chance to take a photo. Penelope guessed it had something to do with the fact that they were rarely together as a family and with Vieve and Gav departing to college it would only be her in the house for the next two year. She arrived outside after traveling through the living room, which connected to the dining room, which lead into a path where you could either go left to the kitchen or straight to the door that led outside, of course Penelope chose outside. It was chilly and the breeze blew Penelope's knee length dress as she wrapped her arms around herself. The mailbox was a standard one, there wasn't anything special or fancy about it, which bored Penelope and made her wish she had Bedazzler. Out of the corner of her eye all she saw was a blur before another set of hands wrapped around her with a strength that was much greater than her own.

"You will die in seven days..." The person was trying to say it eerily as they made reference to the early 200 movie, but the stench that wafted off the clothes immediately gave the person away.

"Gav, what are you doing out here?" Penelope inquired, but only received a sigh in response. She shrugged her shoulders and continued toward the mailbox but yet again the same blur moved passed her and beat her to her destination.

"Junk, junk, something for youuu," At the "you" Gavin threw her package up in the air and continued to walk forward as if he hadn't done anything. Instinctively her quick reaction time came alive as she lunged forward and snatched her cardboard box out of the air before it had a chance to smash into the concrete.

"Thanks!" Normally one should be mad after their sibling deliberately tossed their stuff in the air without caring about the outcome but Penelope had grown so used it she now brushed it off without a second thought.

That was the end of their daily interactions as Gavin carried on as if Penelope wasn't there while she stared at the box she held in her hands. The last thing she had ordered was a textbook about Scotland where she learned the capital was Edingburgh but the largest city was Glasgow and that's as far as she had gotten. Someday she hoped that she would be able to visit Scotland it seemed like a beauty country from all the fantastic photography she had seen though she knew that they wouldn't show her anything but. When Penelope's hazel eyes glanced up Gavin was no where in sight, he was always sneaking off someplace as if he was some sort of secret agent. Darting back up to her room she sat down at the chair that was in front of her desk.

Eagerly Penelope opened the box that now sat on her lap and the only thing in the box was a CD disc case, how odd. Per usual she flipped to the back, that's where all the juicy information was placed...
"✜ If a PLAYER is slain, the KISS has to be given to the corpse and the DREAMSELF will come alive.
✜ If a DREAMSELF is slain, the PLAYER will nevermore dream on the MOONS.
✜ If a PLAYER with a dead DREAMSELF is slain, the player enters the AFTERLIFE."
Okay, that gave away nothing to Penelope. Maybe this was one of Gavin's games? Or Vieve's? They were the gamers, she had stopped playing video games and board games when she was ten. She preferred doing activities, such as Cheerleading and Soccer because it got her involved though sometimes she watched Gavin play a game called "NBA 2012", he hated a player called "Kobe" whoever that was...

"Hello, you have been chosen to participate in CHESS, a feat that will be accredited to very few individuals. CHESS is an innovative, exciting new computer game meant to revolutionize gaming and life as we know it. Bringing you features from popular genres such as Simulation, Role-Playing, Adventure, Action, Strategy, Puzzle, and many more. Each of these features has been molded and refined to their maximum level. Upon installing the game, you will enter a world of mystery and suspense, all while enjoying the perfection that is CHESS."

The text made little sense to Penelope but she happily placed the disc into her computer after it had finished loading. Now, all she had to do was wait for the home screen to whatever "Chess" was to pop up.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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