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Nathaniel Calaway- ???

The Librarian's joy with everyone complying was understandable. But that was the last thing that was easy to understand. Nathaniel from there on would enter a state of bewilderment. Everything the Librarian was too hard (especially for a Nathaniel at his wit's end) to comprehend or rationalize. The tight fitting car suddenly expanded as if his will commanded it. Now the taxi was an SUV. Nathaniel reasoned that perhaps he had the ability to manipulate the size of objects, but then he remembered that the Librarian brought the taxi from another country. So maybe the Librarian could teleport. This would be the only reasonable explanation for the next series of events.

"Alright, this will only take a second," the Librarian said before grasping the wheel of the car and seemingly "driving" them to a new location. Nathaniel felt himself instinctively holding onto the car door as they suddenly arriving in a new location. It was too dark to tell where they had arrived at. This did no favors for Nathaniel who was still trying to reason with his decisions to trust the Librarian. Now he was slowly regretting it. No theories or thoughts had emerged as to the identity or motives of the crackpot driving this little gang. The Librarian had stepped out of the car, and with a clap of his hands the room lit up. Nathaniel felt himself go blind until his eyes slowly readjusted to the wave of light sweeping through the room. As Nathaniel stepped out, following the others, the room was not so much a room. It was a garage, pulling vehicles from every time period and location. Cars, boats, planes. This garage had everything. Truth be told, Nathaniel felt as if he stepped into a collection of Hollywood's greatest props. Then again, that is what the Librarian was. A collector.

"I wonder if my bike is here," Nathaniel commented aloud. "If it wasn't, it wouldn't be hard to get it…brought here."

Otto led the way down a hallway, with Nathaniel keeping himself at the end of the pack. The hallway continued to display the vast collection that the Librarian had gathered, once again proving the man to be far older and more powerful than his appearance would even begin to suggest. The art that had covered the walls were a variety of pieces, many of them Nathaniel had recognized. A few pieces seemed to be from the Renaissance. The scariest part was that they looked to be legitimate. Not poor copies. As they walked, Nathaniel felt his apprehension grow as the mystery grew ever more convoluted.

They were led to what appeared to be the dining room and kitchen, decorated in a far more simple style than Nathaniel had expected. He offered hospitality in the form of pastries, which Nathaniel picked at. Preparing a small plate for himself and taking a seat in which the Librarian and Otto were in his sights, Nathaniel dined on the food, minding his manners. Nathaniel listened as the Librarian promised to be less mysterious, more informative and as welcoming as he had been so far. It was a kind gesture, but Nathaniel had his reservations. He opened the floor for questions.

James jumped right in: “Alright,” he began. “You can start by telling me who exactly you’re with. I heard of the Atlantean Royal Family on the news. Are you with them? If not, who exactly are you with? Actually, might as well tell me everyone who’s involved, since I get the feeling there’s more than one group associated with the Atlanteans. You sure as hell weren’t with those other guys back at the building in London.”

Nathaniel nodded and finished swallowing the cookie he nibbled on: "It seems to me you sought both James and myself out for some reason. So how about you finally answer my question as well: What do you want from us? What are you going to gain by training us and then sending us out to help you out when the time comes?" Nathaniel tried his best to sound calm, not trying to accuse the Librarian of anything, but instead learn what he can. If anyone could teach him what it meant to be an Atlantean, it was this man. "I'd also ask for your life story, but something tells me that story is a very long one."

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