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    I don't know about other new religions, but in case of Scientology, it's so obviously a scam it hurts, especially since before creating Scientology, L Ron Hubbard wrote... drum roll... science fiction! Which is exactly what the whole Xenu story is. Not to mention that before he created Scientology, he on numerous occasions expressed his desire to get rich by starting a religion (read more here) .
    I was out walking yesterday and came by a little building nestled between cafes. It was called the "Christian Church of Scientology."

    Big wtf moment for me.

    I think religions are good as long as they don't become the basis for political movements (religion and state should remain separate) and as long as the morals can be perceived as "good" by the populace - noting that "good" for us in Canada may not be the same as "good" for people in, say, China or Tunisia. That might be part of the iffiness, since religions can't really be universal for all cultures; there's always some sort of conflict, be it the law, expressive rights, prejudice, etc.


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