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    Originally Posted by Jay_37040 View Post
    Any religious belief that seeks to undermine the civil rights of others, or that seeks to impose its message on others, in my opinion, is not a religious belief that can be respected. Religion is a philosophical discussion, with adherents constantly being introspective to find their place in the world and the meaning of their existence. But it also has been used, far too often, as a device to control and conquer. If a religious belief has the potential to cause harm, it should be dismissed.
    You sum it up so well with this.

    Some religions have good tidbits to them, nevertheless. Christianity saw their Jesus fellow saying some sound things, such as love and respect for one another. Yet you see much contradictions on the next page you turn, in their Bible.

    I think it's a mixed bag. People grow up with them, and they can take what most fits them best in their circumstances. The positives like love, open-ness, confort.. these themes in religion may prove helpful to people in their lives, yet other sections may limit them into old useless traditions and outdated, bigot ways of thinking; often designed to control them and their minds.

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