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Some of you guys have some pretty incredible collections! Rarely do I find any Pokemon merchandise (sans the games) around here, so most of my stuff I've had for a long time. While the pictures aren't terribly big, I put them all in a spoiler to keep them organized.

First up are a couple of shirts that I've got. These are actually the newest additions to what I have, and the only Pokemon related clothing that I've actually owned since elementary.

Next up is my collection of games and handhelds, minus their cases (most of which I still have, but are put away in my closet somewhere). Also found it interesting that a random Pokemon card showed up in the picture, as this was completely coincidental.

Speaking of cards, this is a portion of the ones that I have. The binder and the two cases combined hold roughly 1000 cards, and each are completely full. I've got a bunch more hidden in a box in my basement, but they're mostly just duplicate cards.

Probably my favorite card that I have is this Japanese Butterfree. It probably isn't all that rare, but it's special to me because my cousin actually imported for me as a gift, a couple months before the Jungle Set was even released in North America.

Here are a few figurines that I got a few years ago at a garage sale (all 5 for $1). They aren't all that exciting, but I couldn't pass them up for that price.

*My Buizel had been MIA for the past few months, which is why it doesn't show up in the first picture.
It wasn't until after I'd taken all the pictures and uploaded them that I found Buizel, and I was too lazy to retake all of them together.

These last few are just some miscellaneous pictures:
My Pokedex that turned out to be one of my favorite birthday presents of all time. Unfortunately, even with new batteries, it no longer works.

An envelope I got mailed to me a few years ago from TPCi. I can't remember how, but I won a few free booster packs from a contest. I wouldn't have kept it, but loved the effort put in to the custom envelope.

A couple of drawings I've had on my wall the past 5 years or so. Again, nothing special, but it still fits the theme (note- the Marshall Faulk postcard may or may not apply)

Finally, a picture of Munchlax riding a skateboard. Because, why not?

Along with the aformentioned Pokemon cards, I've also got two different copies of the Pokemon handbook and a VHS tape of Pokemon 2000 in a box in my basement. Unless I've got something else hiding away that I've completely forgot about, that would be my whole collection.

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