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    Hello everyone! Back in December of 2012, I was a newbie to PC, and I made this thread for this game (it was closed because it was wrong section. The game was a demo and only took you to the first gym, and it ended....Well, five months later, I have completed the full game and put it in the correct section also! The reason I started this project was because I got Pokemon White two years ago and I thought "How cool would that be to make a game!". I Googled for about a year and a half until I found ROM Hacking. I made two hacks, one a hack of FireRed for ThunderYellow, but it was a poor remake (I never played Yellow. I didn't know what I was thinking, except I was creating a game), because the only differences were that the starter was Pikachu and shortcuts between caves and mountains (I hated those). My second ROM hack was an incomplete hack of FireRed, intended for Aloma, but my computer died, and I lost everything, including my hope to make a good game people would play. But then I was Googling, and I came across Pokemon Essentials and RMXP, and it all began there.

    A new story, in a new region...

    History of Aloma:
    Shortly after Unova gained a new Champion, Nate, other Pokemon Trainers became inspired to become strong and maybe rival Nates's power. Those trainers migrated to a new land, some included Tyranus, Ben, Slyres, and others. Aloma quickly became home to many.

    Main Characters:

    Jake-Boy Character

    Leah-Girl Character

    Tyranus-Founder of Aloma, Pokemon Professor, ChampioN

    A new trainer has risen! Trek through the Aloma Region battling fierce Gym Leaders, and the Evil Team Venom! Attempt to complete your PokeDex, and face off against your rival Leon, and many familiar friends in the Aloma League Conference!

    Features (In current version):_______________________________________________
    Pokemon World Tournament (Up to Hoenn) (Hosted in Aloma League Conference)
    Show off between Team Venom and a familiar Team...
    12 Catch able legendary Pokemon
    6 Obtainable Master Balls
    Many Post-game adventures

    Features to expect in next version:___________________________________________
    Pokemon World Tournament (Complete)


    Current Game Contests:____________________________________________________
    Contest: First Person to Complete the Game (will have to show proof) will get a spot in the Aloma League Conference, with their team and trainer class of their choice!
    Winner: None yet
    Availability: OPEN

    Lets Play Videos:__________________________________________________________

    BenGames, Films, And More!-Scripting, Sprites, Music, Tilesets
    Carmaniac-Title Menu Script
    Pokemon Company-Some Sprites, Music
    Maruno-Pokemon Essentials
    RPG Maker XP

    Version 1.0
    And install this to enhance game play