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    > Stay calm and comb the beach for Vesta if you can't find her on the beach look for a current that carries objects see if it leads into the caves. Call out for Vesta see if she responds. Also the Narrator brought us back to day one nothing but the bag on our back, well played.

    The Narrator would like to remind you (smugly) that you don't even have the Bag. Just the straps.

    > If you cannot find Vesta, begin to cry as hard as you possibly can.

    You are ready to cry. You are so totally ready to cry harder than anyone has ever cried before.

    To be honest, you've been ready to do that for several days now.

    > See if there are any movements around your surroundings. If there aren't any, shout for Vesta's name. Maybe he/she/it will respond, and then just follow his/her/it's voice.
    If she doesn't reply, then maybe search the beach. Who knows, maybe when the minutes fly by, you'll spot her inside her jar floating calmly towards you in the sea?

    You call for Vesta, but there's no reply. You watch the sea, but nothing more washes up; you do work out, however, that at high tide the water must flood the caves, so perhaps if you can't find anything on the beach then you could search underground for your stuff.

    > Perfect...our bag is for it around the beach in case that the bag is washed up ashore. If it isn't around then keep calm and try not to panic , search the island for useful items and probably you could make ( somehow ) a " hand made " Bag. But i bet that the narrator is playing with us once again our stuff should be around here !!!
    > I have to disagree with the others. The narrator is the kind of person to have us make the Flash Cannon just to destroy it. However, our prime objective right now is finding Vesta. She is all we have left and she is probably freaking out right now. Find her as quickly as you can and calm her down.
    > Comb the beach for your items and Vesta (Whether she still counts as an item is beyond me.) If you are unable to find her, offer a prayer to Tabiti and ask her to keep Vesta safe - as a goddess of fire, that shouldn't be too hard.
    Once that essential task is done, ponder if there are still some non-violent (Or at-least as Non-Violent as those Eldrich pokemon can get) Pokemon such as Magikarp left around (E.G. Dunsparce) think about how that can be used to your advantage

    You root around on the beach in the piles of debris, and almost immediately stumble across a huge mass of white silk wrapped around several broken pieces of wood, hitherto concealed beneath a mass of seaweed: the wreckage of your coracle.

    Othodox found some Adamantine Spider Silk! Othodox put the Adamantine Spider Silk in... uh...

    Hm. This poses a problem. You think for a moment, then roll the silk up into a rope and tie it around your waist. There. Not fashionable, but you're not going to lose it.

    Othodox found some Wet Splintery Wood! Othodox put the—

    You know what? You are done with picking up stuff just because it's there. You have no idea where to put this, but you aren't going to carry it around; if you need it later, you know where it is and can come back for it.

    Another pile of debris turns up a cluster of huge blue-grey scales that the Pokédex – which was, thankfully inside your pocket, and is practically indestructible save for the radar attachment – identifies as belonging to a new form of Lanturn.

    You recall the giant thing that raged and wailed beside you in the storm, and wonder if the Eldritch Lanturn survived.

    Othodox found some Sturdy Scales! Othodox put the Sturdy Scales in a loop of the silk.

    This inventory system isn't elegant. You need to find something better if you want to collect any appreciable number of items.

    Further beachcombing turns up a brace of eels, a key and sweet Jesus it's your Highly Persuasive Handgun!

    Othodox found some Large European Eels! Othodox stuck them through the silk.

    Othodox found one Elm's Key! Othodox put the Elm's Key in his pocket.

    Othodox found one Highly Persuasive Handgun! Othodox kept hold of the Highly Persuasive Handgun. A real tight hold.

    It's a bit wet and dented, but the seaweed wrapped around it seems to have shielded it from the worst of the impact. The lights seem to work, so presumably the rest of it does as well.

    You do have a quick think about there being perhaps less lethal Eldritch Pokémon around, but can't really think of any that might fit the bill other than Magikarp.

    Now. You noted before that the high tide mark (or rather, the lack of it) indicates that the water surged right up into the caves. This means that further explorations will require you to pick an entrance to take.

    Time is of the essence. Your 8aD 3gg needs to be recovered soon or it may die – and, more importantly, so does Vesta.


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