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Originally Posted by dan0314 View Post
Username: dan0314
Game(s): HeartGold, Pearl, LeafGreen, Gold (can't find cartridge), Emerald (can't find cartridge) and Black
Ultimate: No
District: 13 (Ground and Ghost)

Am I allowed to use a starter editor on a ROM to make my starter a level 5 Ghost or Ground Pokemon?
To be honest, no. You can only hack if you can't receive a Pokemon of your types before the third badge, and for Ground and Ghost, that never happens. For HeartGold, you can get a Geodude and a Gastly really early on. For Pearl, there's Turtwig and Misdreavus. For LeafGreen, there's Nidoran. Gold is same as HeartGold, and there's Mudkip for Emerald. Finally, for Black, there's Misdreavus from DW if you can, and if not, then get a Drilbur. As you can see, there's no need to hack for the above games or the above district. Either way, I've added you to the list, so let your Hunger Games begin!