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    Originally Posted by Anbuja's_BlooDY View Post
    By all honesty that is not his fault, I didn't follow Pokemon after Hg/Ss either.
    He is not to blame.
    Also if he puts there a virus then he gets banned, why would he put a virus then?

    Also on topic:
    The graphics need really improvements, most of the tiles are just thrown on the maps without a little structure.
    The bodyguards make kind of no sense, they're not protecting anything.
    You actually used a female body sprite for a man. HeShe?
    The postion you've took behind the eevee is really concerning XD
    And the textbox looks really weird with that transparency.

    I won't play it not for the reason I don't like it but its been a very long time since I've played any RPGXP game.
    But if it is really complete after 5 months then cudos to you, but by all honesty I really doubt that in 5 months someone is able to make a really good quality game.
    I see alot of improvement in this.
    I hope this all isn't discouraging to you, but you should'nt stop working on this game, try maybe to rework some stuff of it, and Im sure there will eb someone who is going to certainly enjoy this.

    Good luck~
    Lol for the eevee. I will remove it, but the guy who took the screenies (my friend) claims the eevee moved right before he took it. I will edit the male OW. And the screenies with the body guards, the player was in the Aloma League Conference, basically the Aloma version of the White House.