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Okay so I just had a new idea of threads I can make here. Basically each week or so I'm just going to make a thread discussing like, a city in Unova. Not a favourite, but discuss the atmosphere, the draws of it, the negatives. What it was lacking, etc. HOPEFULLY THIS DRAWS IN SOME SORT OF DISCUSSION MAYBE? Also this is in no means official it's just something I wanna do :3

Anyway this week, Icirrus City! What were your general vibes about it? What did it make you think of? Do you think it was engaging enough, did you want to explore more of it? What stands out most about it? Did you like the added bonus of the dancing children? What about the windmills? The rockets? The wild Pokemon in the actual city? Discuss those and anything else that comes to mind about Icirrus! n_n Also this can include your thoughts from any of the Unova games!

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