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Finished my sign up for Janie.

Originally Posted by ~Genevieve~ View Post
Sure I'll make a SU for her. She won't appear often at first. She's gonna be a side character for me. One I really use to cause problems and to help me develop Cheryll more.

Name: Janie Thompson
Nickname: Nie
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Species: Succubus


Personality: Janie is very cold and conniving. She loves to pick on others, specifically those smaller than her and once she chooses a target she focuses on that one person for the worst of it. To the point Janie is a bully and a mean one. She has no problem hurting others, making someone cry, and just being an overall jerk. Though just because she chooses one target doesn't mean she won't be mean to others. She just uses her worst acts against her chosen target. Which is usually someone small, shy, and most importantly younger than her.

Janie also loves to fight and she doesn't always fight fair. She tries to use her looks to get things, and allies. But so far it's only worked on one guy in her class who helps her. Her personality is part of the reason she joined Fairytale. Plus it doesn't hurt that Janie despises humans with a passion. Her beliefs are that the world would be a much better place if humans and those that like humans were erased from existence.
Weakness: Due to her father being a Vampire Janie's weakness is water.
Other: She's undercover at the Academy.
Code: Blackberry Strawberry.

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