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Originally Posted by KagamiChan View Post
Well, yeah, you can use Crunch instead.
Yay!~ :D

I defeated Winona without much trouble.
Then onto the whole Team Aqua / Team Magma business...
I also caught a Shuppet which evolved into Banette pretty soon.
Now I'll need to get all my pokémon to lvl 40 and above before the next gym.
It's going to be terrible with my Poison and Fighting types...

Current Team:

Blaziken lvl 42
Aggron lvl 43
Seviper lvl 44
Banette lvl 45
Armaldo lvl 46

Still can't beat the Gym.
I knew it was going to be a pain in the ass, but this is pretty bad lol...
Next plan is to boost Banette to 48 and catch a Duskull...
Easily won with Banette lvl 48 (finally got Shadow Ball)

Decided to put Seviper away for now.
My team is:
Blaziken lvl 42
Aggron lvl 43
Armaldo lvl 47
Banette lvl 48
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