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I'll add the Syndicate outline a little later, and I am also working on Timeskip posts for everyone. We are still alive, guys~!

Atlantean Royal Family Mansion – Boston, Lincolnshire, England

Located in the expansive farmland outside of Boston, the Atlantean Mansion rests of several hundred acres of land believed to be procured sometime during the Atlantic Bronze Age. The mansion, however, only dates back to the Victorian Era. Most locals in Boston ignore the presence of the mansion, and in return, the Royal Family tries not to bother the locals.

A circular driveway looks around the front of the mansion with a small driveway leading to a large two-car garage door that opens up into a large, underground garage where many of the Atlantean Royal Family members keep their vehicles. Many students who can and are able to drive are allowed to leave their respective vehicles in the garage, but are only permitted to use them in their own leisure times in the weekends, or when any one of the Royal Family members give them permission to.

The first and second floors both contain furnished bedrooms suitable up to two residents per bedroom including single beds, desks, closets and bedside tables. Older members are located on the second floor while younger on the first. With boys on the right and girls on the left, two large communal bathrooms lie at opposing sides of the floors; one for each gender. The dorm rooms are just one of the hot spots for social interaction, however there is a curfew of eleven o'clock when students are meant to be resigned to their rooms although management of the younger Atlanteans comes down to the older ones in the upper floors.

On the bottom floor is a communal dining hall with adjacent kitchen and several classrooms on the left wing, while the right wing contains the bedrooms for the Royal Family members and the one they call ‘The Oracle’. Members are only allowed down here if they need to talk to one of the Royal Family members, or unless a Royal Family member takes them down this passageway. Most students only come down this hallway once to see the Oracle, but some have been fortunate enough to meet her twice.

Below the classrooms is an indoor Basketball Court that suits many indoor sports and a ‘Relaxation’ Room where students can come to relax as it contains a Pool Table, Fooseball Table as well as couches spaced around the room and a couple of large televisions. While the Basketball court is used mainly for recreation, it is also a good way for teams to practice their teamwork skills against others and to foster closer bonds between Atlanteans.

Out back of the mansion has a concrete seating area running adjacent to the left wing with a small fountain and grove where students can study in the shade or relax out in the sun. Further out is a large swimming pool surrounded by a large football field on one side, and the mansion on the other. The mansion is ringed on all sides by a woodland, kept at bay by a wooden fence. Quite often practical lessons are taken out here on the field as the expansive grass allows room for Atlanteans to better train and use their abilities.
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