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    Name: April
    Sex: Female
    Age: 18
    Race: Wolf

    Path: Searching for paradise and surviving.


    Human form:

    Wolf form:

    April had white and very long hair until she cutted it a bit until it touched her lower back so that the human race wouldn't find it odd. She has very beautiful yellow eyes and often lies that they are contacts when humans ask her about it. She often wears her black sweater that is actually a bit too big for her and due that one of her shoulder is always exposed. April also wears blue shorts and wears black sneakers she once bought when she walked around in the city. April's skin is soft and a little asian like, she's also pretty skinny. April is considered a pretty woman.

    Her wolf form is almost the same as her human appearence. Her fur is snow white and she has yellow eyes like in her human form. Her tail is really fluffy like every wolf's tail is and she's a pretty skinny wolf. She has the normal wolf forms to obviously show that she's everything but a dog, she always get humans fooled easely though.

    Personality: April is a very kind young woman as long as you are nice to her. She usually acts like she doesn't care about things a lot though. It takes a lot to get April's sweet and tender side out. She sometimes likes to mess with people when they chase her in her wolf form. She would run around a corner and go inside a building, after awhile she would leave as a human and watch how the humans are still searching for her other self. Towards friends April can be very kind but she can also be what we call in Anime terms "Tsundere".

    April has a very mean side too, this is due that humans have killed the ones she loved and cared about. She doesn't has a hate towards every human, but she does hate the ones that give her an uneasy feeling. April also swore to never fall in love with a human boy. April usually tries to avoid small villages because people could find out about what she really is if they keep an eye on her. In large cities no one really pays attention to each other so not to her either.

    History: It was a cold and snowy night in the winter when April and her parents were hunting for food. As they killed the first rabbit, they suddenly heard a loud shot. The father immediately assumed that they were humans with guns and told his wife and only daughter that they had to run away as fast as they could towards their safe home in the mountains. He told them that he would go after them when he had taken out the humans with their guns. He wasn't going to have his family killed by foolish humans and stood in his fighting position. The mother took her daughter from the ground, holding her scruff between her fangs, and ran away towards the mountains.

    The few more shots were heard when they were deep in the forest, on their way towards the mountains. The mother heard humans coming their way and knew that this meant that her husband had been killed by the gun shots that she heard earlier. She heard a man shout that he saw another wolf trying to escape and the mother knew that they were talking about her. She didn't hear them talking about a wolf cub and placed her daughter under a nearby tree, hided between the snow. The mother hoped that another flock would find her daughter after she had been killed, this was her daughter's only way to survive. The humans neared and pointed their guns on the female wolf. The mother growled a lot at the humans and jumped towards them whenever she saw her chance. The humans shouted her down and kept shouting a few times untill they were sure she was dead. They picked up her dead body and walked away feeling satisfied, not knowing that they killed a mother.

    It took a few days before April was found by a young human couple. They saw her laying in the snow and the woman was immediately sold. She was so cute and looked so weak, how could she be possibly dangerous? The woman picked her up and showed April to her husband who wondered why she was laying here in the snow alone. He analysed the area and found traces of blood on the ground. He told his wife that the mother of the wolf cub had probably been killed after she hided her baby. The woman suggested to keep April because she would die if they didn't.

    April was brought to a wooden house near a village. The woman laid her in a blanket and left her forward the fireplace to warm up. The woman was worried that they might've been too late but was relieved when April started moving after a few hours. She tried standing up but was to weak to do so. The woman picked up the wolf cub and layed her on her lap to give her a bottle with warmed milk, assuming that the cub was too young to eat meat yet. April drank the milk and fell asleep on the woman's lap. The man patted April while she slept as they decided on her name, they ironically called her April, the name she already had.

    A few years later April was old enough to go outside herself and come back home when it was getting dark. The woman was pregnant and April often laid her head against the belly of the woman when they were sitting on the couch. April wasn't considered a dog because she was hunting outside at day. The humans in the village thought this was weird and decided to pay the young couple a visit. They knocked on the door just when April was about to go outside again. They saw April's body forms and knew that she wasn't a dog in an instant. They scolded the family for keeping a wolf and told them that April had to be killed. The man wasn't going to allow them to do so and stood in front of April to protect her. As soon one of the villagers tried to push the man away, April bit him in his hand and wouldn't let go.

    The woman told April to run away and never come back. April felt sad, did they hated her now because she tried to protect them? She didn't understand and letted go of the man's hand. The villager rushed towards April but thewoman's husband was able to keep him away from her a little longer. The woman kept shouting at April that she had to leave, April didn't want to leave and tried to get near the woman. The woman pretended that she was angry and scared and April finally left, feeling lonely and abandoned.

    Now on the day today, April gets money by finding people that have been gone missing. She tries to avoid doing jobs because her temperal boss could find out about what she is.

    Passcode: Grey Wolf