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    Originally Posted by koopafan29 View Post
    getting quite annoyed as i can't really sr coz of distractions ugh right now at 293 sr's
    Don't you even worry man, patience is always key in this. I was fed up of seeing PROF OAK's lines over and over and then Gary claiming his Pokemon etc etc xD. But just get through with it. Sooner or later you will have it. I am not lucky with my second shiny yet either lol. But think of it like this, If I stop now and don't get a shiny, I wasted 293 SR's for nothing lol. Might as well go ahead xD.

    Good luck, you can do it!

    EDIT: Guys I found another shiny!! A shiny spearow! I really wanted this one the least since I already have a spearow transferred from fire red of another save file once, but hey a hiny is a shiny xD! I got this during break at work too haha xD. It took me 2467 RE's. Funny fact this is the 2nd shiny that was in the 2400. Charmander at 2412 SR, now spearow at 2467. I am still going to try just once more for nidoran lol xD (stubborn xD), but if then I get another spearow or another pokemon, I will just go on and try to find me a shiny oddish or so lol.

    About the stats/nature, I have to say the nature sucks:/ Bold.. better than modest or quiet etc but still, a hindering attack nature isn't nice but what can you do xD. I will still invest 252 EV in atk and 252 EV in speed regardless. AS for the IV's here is the outcome so far:

    HP: 4 - 19
    Att: 0 - 13
    Def: 7 - 23
    SpA: 22 - 31
    SpD: 5 - 21
    Speed: 27 - 31

    At least it has good speed lol, though I fear his attack IV to be 0 haha xD bold nature 0 attack IV would be a disaster haha please no xD.

    I'll try to post pictures tomorrow evening too.

    Good luck everyone on your hunts:D!