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    Gonna add on as I go wolfy. Sorry about the lateness but someone screwed me over last night.


    Blaez Lee - Sign Up
    Name: Blaez Lee
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 19
    Path: Rummaging through garbage for food and discarded valuables in

    Appearance: He currently possesses no clothing aside from one outfit. He usually wears a dirty, dilapidated, brown and blue, striped scarf, along with a dark blue parka jacket lined with caribou fur and dark blue, patched up, jeans torn at the knees.

    He has a dark tan and looks almost like an Eskimo-Indian. He stands 5”6’ and his skin is usually grungy and dirty from digging through trash. His skin is hardy and rough, although his hands are soft. He is legally blind in his right eye and his right pupil is diluted to a milky hazel in a pair with his dark brown left eye. His black hair is short, reaching down at its lowest point around the low-end of his neck. He has no facial hair and he is said to have a baby-like face with a short bangs that cover up most of his forehead.

    Personality: He is often mild-mannered and polite. Blaez doesn’t truly call himself a Pagan because he has lost a majority of his faith in the religion although he has some hope that he may one day meet one of those wolves that he desired to meet for so long when he was a kid. In practice he follows the religion but no-one aside from himself, knows that he is on the side of the Wolves.

    He is very untrusting of others, due to caution that has become a habit from becoming homeless and is generally more trusting of animals than anyone else. He has the ability to survive on his on wit and ability on his own. Blaez also secretly longs to find
    Paradise and will steer any human he can away from doing harm towards a wolf.
    He is very good at traveling around the wild area surrounding the town. A revolver and a steel tomahawk, called the Hurling Hare, are Blaez’s weapon of choice. Although he is mainly skilled with throwing the tomahawk than he is with aiming, he doesn’t throw it at long distances and only uses the gun on people he intends to kill.

    History: His mother was a devout but extremist Pagan although his dad was just a man without any talents who was a hunter at first but he quit to work odd jobs. His father was usually away from home, working and his mother was generally kind to Blaez although she was abusive and forced Blaez into becoming a Pagan without the knowing of his father.

    As a family they were generally unaffected by the situation of humans hunting wolves until his dad got killed in a conflict where he protected a wolf from a group of hunters but was killed the resulting day by the same group of hunters out of malice.

    As a child, Blaez didn't want to become a Pagan and just wanted to live away from the situation. He feels that he lost the chance to do so when his mom was found out to be a pagan and killed, leaving him without any other living relatives at the age of 17.
    His disfigured eye is from when he killed a man who was attacking a wolf on the outside of FreezeCity. Blaez killed the man with his tomahawk and found a gun on the hunter but was unable to contact the wolf, who ran away before he could reveal his intentions to help. This was the only situation Blaez has ever seen a wolf in real life.

    When his mother died, Blaez was eventually unable to pay for lodging and forced to live off of the streets by foraging through food and sometimes working odd jobs. He himself will tell you that his life was generally uneventful aside from his childhood, which he would probably never disclose towards anyone.

    Passcode: Siberian Husky