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Agnes Johansson - Freddie's car, Stockholm, Sweden

October 31st, 2012
Atticus politely motioned for Agnes to get into the backseat of the van, which made her smile and happily jump in. Normally, she would have been hesitating both once and twice before getting into a car with strangers. Her father had at least taught her to be wise and wary, even though he always thought you should see the best in people.

But this was not normal.

They started driving and Agnes could see the Atlantean Relief Centre... The library, disappear behind them. She had left the Royal Family. Some thought suddenly stung her. What if this really was a bit illegal? What if the ARF was the real way to do this and the AUP were really snatching her away now.

She glanced at Freddie in the passenger seat. From behind, his silhouette looked a bit frightening. So odd. So non-human. But then he turned and said something to Atticus, and his kind and somewhat worried face showed. Agnes thoughts changed immediately and she almost chuckled a little at herself. There was pretty much no way he was a bad guy. As for Atticus...

Yeah, he didn't seem bad either. She smiled and leaned forward with one arm on each of the back of their seats, straining her seatbelt some.

"So where are we going, then? Some secret base? You guys realize that I didn't bring any chance of clothing or... Or anything really? Because I sure didn't think I was going away, I thought I would just walk to the Centre - no, fly I mean, haha - and register and then begone. So, are we stopping by my home, maybe telling my bro what's up and leaving a note for my mum or something... Or maybe I'll just let my bro handle her because honestly I don't know if she'd care, hah."

She fell silent for a moment, realizing that she was babbling. And that she might have gone a bit too personal in her ramblings. Instead of letting them answer, she rather quickly continued though, to brush it over.

"Anyways, yeah. Where are we going? And, will I need to pack something?"
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