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    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    I know most, if not all, of the people participating are new to this section and how it runs, so I just wanted to adress this real quick:

    I've found that no one really lies about it, and if they are, it doesn't really matter too much. To some, completing a challenge is a sense of honor for them. For others, they don't really care, and if they don't care and choose to lie, then whatever. That's their prerogative. If they're caught in that lie, they can be taken off the challengers list easily. But I think people that frequent the challenge forum have more pride and integrity than to lie about a video game. And also, pictures and videos are not a requirement in this forum.

    So yeah. Just clearing that up for anyone wondering or concerned about it. Like I said, if for any reason, someone is caught in a lie, Kitori can disqualify them and take them off the challenger list. If they try to fight it, they'll deal with me. I have never had that happen though, so it's nothing to worry about.

    Anyway, I hope you're all enjoying this fantastic challenge! Kitori is doing a great job running it and I'm so happy to have new people in here. If you have any questions, please let me know!
    Yeah you may be right haha xD. Are you taking this challenge as well? And omg do you like/play yugioh too:O? If so awesomeness!! If not, hey at least you play pokemon haha xD. Are you hunting for anything in particular? And could I add you to friends? I try to add everyone in this challenge to chat while I feel down thinking I will never find another shiny again xD. But of course there is room for other stuff to talk as well lol, especially in my case xD. I hope I didn't bore you with all my questions? (I should really stop talking so much, once I start I just never seem to quit haha). I also ask way too many questions lol, I mean that poor Kitori had to reply on all of my "annoying" questions lol. Oh well I guess that's just me xD. Oh and I often sound as a little kid but I am totally not lol (surprsingly xD). If you think I asked too many questions let me know lol and ill try to drop them the next time. Good luck on hunting if that is what you are doing :D

    Originally Posted by SoulSilver10112 View Post
    I've been SRing alot, getting tired of the intro of the professor and Lucas. I am at about 100 SRs for a shiny turtwig (no luck), and I decided to multitask by resetting for Rayquaza and hunting shiny mareep at the same time.
    Don't even worry. 100 SR's arent too much yet at all, though I understand the intro and the dialogue is way more depressing than just soft resetting lol. Multitask can be very helpful as u can just press A on the dialogue while running around with the control pad on the other one lol:D. I do hope you get one soon though. Good luck.