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An M Rated Kokoro Connect Roleplay
Sign-Ups are OPEN!



It is the year 2013 and it is approaching time for the long summer break. Recent studies conducted by the government have been showing that many students are suffering social and/or emotional problems and in order to counter this growing problem an organisation known as Wings has started a summer program for young people aged 13-19 running out of the large, government owned, Heights High School.

The idea of the program is to encourage healthy social interaction between young people by allowing them to join clubs based on their interests. Each club is run out of one of the schools many classrooms and is watched over by a supervisor who is either a qualified teacher or youth worker.

For whatever reason you have either been recommended by your school (or perhaps even a psychologist/psychiatrist?), sent to join the program by your parents or voluntarily applied for a spot and have found yourself as a member of the Debating Club – which more or less means you’ll sit around and talk (or maybe not) and pass it off as “informal debating”, your supervisor doesn’t particularly care because it’s still some form of healthy interaction... that and he’s somewhat clueless.

That may seem simple enough, probably even carefree. That is far from the reality though, things are going to get very weird for your group, and soon. You will soon be subject to strange and unexplainable phenomena – phenomena as in of the paranormal kind, the kind you must endure on your own because nobody would believe you if you told them.

About This Role Play

You have probably worked it out by now, but this role play is based on the Kokoro Connect anime and light novel series. Connection is not set in Japan, like in the series, but in the fictional Paix, Canada, an average sized city which is well maintained and has a low crime rate. The antagonist of the series, Heartseed, will remain the same though and will be played by GMs.

The method of communication used by Heartseed in the series is taking control of the bodies of characters. To be fair this will be handled as such in Connections; only characters controlled by GMs, other NPC’s or the characters of those who volunteer will be controlled – this way there is little risk of anything you have planned for your character to be affected too greatly by the progression of the story.

The gameplay of the role play itself will be a mixture of sandbox and chapter based role playing. Beginning with the first IC day (the first day of the Wings program) the RP will be broken into several chapters with each chapter corresponding to one of Heartseed’s phenomena. Rather than having your characters stuck in the room all the time; Monday-Friday from 10:00am to 3:00pm is when the program runs outside of these times your characters will be free to roam the city (which will mostly be shaped by your posts, allowing for a lot of freedom).

This is where things will get interesting though, the Phenomena will either occur at random times chosen by the GM(s) and will effect random character chosen by the GM(s) or you can choose for your character to be affected (remembering that sometimes you will need to consult with another player, some phenomena affect multiple people). The idea behind using these two different methods is for the GMs to be able to spice things up if necessary, but for the most part the occurrence of phenomena will be left up to your discretion. If you have any questions please post them in the OOC or VM/PM a GM.

Sign-Up Form

Name: First and last, middle optional
Nickname(s): If any
Age: 13-19

Appearance: Height, Build, Ethnicity, Style, Hair and Eyes that sort of thing. You may include an image but a written description is mandatory.
Personality: Interests, quirks, character traits etc... You probably know the drill.

History: Try to include as much as you can; this and personality are both very important in this RP. Think of any major life events that have occurred to your character and how they have responded to them.
Other: Any other information.

RP Sample: There are two different ways of doing this. You can include a sample from another RP you have participated in (include a link) or you can write a sample as your character discovering they will be attending the Wings program or signing-up themselves. It is preferred that you take the second route, but if posts from other RPs are up to scratch no priority will be given.


1. GM word is law, especially mine.
2. Obey all forum rules.
3. Don’t godmod, even if it is harder in this RP I’m sure if I don’t say this someone will try.
4. Don’t bunny without permission
5. Post at least once a week, if you will be unable to post give prior notice and make arrangements
for your character. This is essential in RPs focusing on a small group.
6. If you have a problem with anything that happens in this RP, let a GM know and we’ll handle it – whether that involves another player or something a GM does.
7. You can make lesser NPCs at will.
8. Only GMs can post as heartseed unless I give instructions saying otherwise.
9. This RP will have an M rating; let’s not take anything further than that.
10. I think it goes without saying but please be respectful to each other and try to have fun.

Accepted Characters

Reservations will last three days.

1. Gimmepie (GM) as Heartseed and Lennon Lee Chadwick
2. EliteBeats (GM) as Parker Espinoza
3. Scyke as Alex "Jolt" Dawn (SU pending)
4. ~Genevieve~ as Cassiopeia Garis
5. Midnight-Umbreon as Jenna Way
6. Heretostay123 as Samantha Rachel Byrd (SU pending)


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