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I'm the worst challenge runner ever! xD I still haven't had time to SR. Final exams are almost over, though! Yaaaay. I have Thursday off but I will be packing for my vacation and then driving so... maybe sometime this weekend I'll get some in. ; I'm not sure how my internet access will be while I'm on vacation. I have my phone but it can be hard to type posts on it so I might be a little scarce the next two weeks. (But hopefully I'll come back with shiny news!)

Originally Posted by Janske
I have no idea how to show/upload a picture with a post though lol, I mean I only signed up 4 days ago:D. But if you could tell me it would be very much appreciated:D.
You can make an account at and upload images there. Then you just hit the "insert image" button above the text box when making a post and copy and paste the image url.

Originally Posted by Janske
Guys I found another shiny!! A shiny spearow!
Grats! I'll add it to your entry.

Originally Posted by SoulSilver10112
I've been SRing alot, getting tired of the intro of the professor and Lucas.
I KNOW, right?! I think we picked the worst gen to do it on. xD You can save after their intro (if you haven't) but then you still have to sit through them leaving and your rival talking before you can battle to see if it's shiny. So annoying. u__u;

Originally Posted by Sydian
Anyway, I hope you're all enjoying this fantastic challenge! Kitori is doing a great job running it and I'm so happy to have new people in here.
Thanks, Sydian!

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