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Well, well, well... I've been a long-time browser of this forum, Marriland, as well as a few others, but finally decided to register and post.

About Me:
I'm from Texas, USA... I've been playing Pokemon since Red and Blue touched down here in the states. I didn't play the original Metal-colored games, but I have played FR/LG, Emerald, Diamond, Platinum, Black, and Conquest. My favorite type of Pokemon is probably Fighting.

What Am I Playing Right Now?
Right now I am in the process of doing a Black Run, which I just posted my team info in the In Game Team Help thread to hopefully get some feedback. In addition, I'm trying my hand at a Leaf Green Nuzlocke challenge. Once I have my required posts to post pictures, I'll post in the Nuzlocke challenge thread.

My Favorite Pokes:
Alakhazam, Lucario, and Scyther!
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