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    Originally Posted by droomph View Post
    Lazarus is a plugin that you should use if you want it to work like that, and I think that most web browsers (at least Safari) gives you limited recovery options by default.

    About the Lazarus though…I yeah if it goes into paid don't kill me :\


    I remember saving a thread as a "draft", that might be usefulllll…?
    First off, thaaaank you for mentioning this have I not heard of it until now?! OMG and it's free?

    The original poster's idea is good, but this Lazarus add-on/plug-in (clever name!) sounds very intriguing! Usually, now that I know better (sigh...), I tend to type out really long posts (aka pretty much everything I type on here) in an auto-saving e-mail draft or something (constantly keying in Ctrl+S like there's no tomorrow @[email protected]). The proposed feature would work wonders, I'm sure, although the website seems to have enough of a workload as it is... :< Lazarus, from what I'm seeing, would seem to cover numerous bases regarding auto-recovery, as its benefits would extend beyond the PokeCommunity website.

    However, the aforementioned forum-implemented feature would work well for computers where users aren't at liberty to install plug-ins like Lazarus on browsers (such as in computer labs, etc.) or for those who aren't using browsers like Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome which have Lazarus available (such as people using Internet Explorer...don't know why you would even bother with Internet Explorer if you have the choice of browser installation, but to each his own). Still, I think the proposal is generally supplanted by Lazarus; we just need to make that feature more known on this website, for those that can install it...

    But really, if you're typing out something online that is dedicatedly long or that you're paranoid about losing, I would imagine that it is either written with Lazarus installed or preferably composed in something with good Auto-Recovery features (either something like the newer versions of Microsoft Word or a periodically-auto-saving e-mail client like Yahoo! or Gmail).

    LOL; composed this post in the span of 5-10 minutes within the PokeCommunity post editor itself, thank goodness. -.-
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