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TCG Challenge

Hey everyone! Welcome to the TCG Challenge! The purpose of this challenge is to incorporate the Pokemon trading card game into your actual games. There are multiple ways to do this that will be listed in the rules, as well as the modes! That's right, there are three different modes to choose from when you sign up. So let's get to the modes first, then the rules!

There are three different modes you are able to play for this, and the rules may sometimes vary depending on which you choose, though there aren't too many major differences. Pick your poison, really!
Booster Pack
In this mode, you use Pokemon you get from a booster pack. This pack needs to be opened recently. No "I got these exact cards in a pack in 2004" or something. If you get repeat Pokemon, you may use duplicates. Evolving is allowed, even if you don't pull the evolution (ex. pulling Swadloon, but not Leavanny, you can still use Leavanny). Online boosters are welcome as well. It is encouraged that you post a picture of the cards from the pack you pulled! Please use spoilers though!
Theme Deck
In this mode, you choose Pokemon from a certain theme deck. There is a list of theme decks here! Only major theme decks will be allowed. No special decks, such as the championship decks.
In this mode, you choose Pokemon from an entire set of Pokemon cards. Here is a list of TCG sets. You can pick from any set, even the ones that only have 20 Pokemon.

1. Evolving is allowed, even if the evolved form is not in your pack/deck/set. However, if you pick an older set and choose a Pokemon that got an evolution later on, you may not evolve it into that Pokemon. If you pick a Pokemon from a deck/set and there are split evos, like Eevee, and a certain evolution is not in that deck/set, you cannot use that evolved form. ex. There is Umbreon and Espeon in Neo Discovery, but not the original three, therefore you could only use Umbreon or Espeon, not Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon.
2. Legendaries are allowed if they are pulled from a booster pack regardless of how many. We want to honor your luck! Legendaries in theme decks are allowed, however only one. Legendaries from a set are not allowed as if you're playing the Set mode, you have much more free reign to pick what you want than the other two mods.
3. HM slaves are allowed, regardless of mode.
4. Trading/hacking is allowed, but please refrain if you're able to get that Pokemon on your team through catching it in the wild.
5. Challenge ends after Rival (RBY/FRLG), Red (GSC/HGSS), Steven (RSE), Cynthia (DPPt), Ghetsis (BW), or Iris (BW2).

Optional Rules
1. Play with what you get. If you pull an NFE, it must stay NFE, or if the NFE is in the deck/set, but not the evo, you can't evolve it. ex. Pulling a Houndour, but not Houndoom. You leave it as Houndour.
2. Incorporate Trainer and Supporter cards. This will be to your own discretion, but if you can't think of anything to do for it and want to have this rule, let me know and I'll come up with something. The effect it has on your game must be relevant to either the name of the card or the effect it has. ex. The Bicycle trainer card could mean you must always ride your bike after you obtain it.
3. If the card has a move that is an actual in-game move, use it. ex. A Jolteon card has Thundershock, so you'd have to have your Jolteon know Thundershock.

I understand a lot of this may be confusing, and it's different from previous TCG challenges we've had, so please do not hesitate to ask me any questions! If you need a quicker response, please VM me about it. :)

Sign Up Form
Username: Sydian
Game: White 2
Mode: Theme Deck
Set: Skyridge
Deck: Eeveelution
Optional Rules: #2

Note: You only need to include deck if you're playing Theme Deck mode. :)

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