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    Originally Posted by FrozenInfernoZX View Post
    Well guys, here is some good and bad news mixed into one: (It's not that bad from my perspective)

    But everything is fine with the project, however: I almost cried when my laptop had hard drive failure. Everything on my laptop is now gone However, luckily I had made a back up of every single component of my Pokemon Normal project on a brand new portable hard drive a few months back!

    The sad part of this, is that my newest update is now gone (like progress up to Route 55 - Desert) However, I am going to come back even stronger and utilize what I have done recently (which is now gone) and make it even better!
    In fact, due to this unfortunate event, I have decided to release a special Beta 1.5. Beta 1.5 contains the same progress, revamped areas, better scripting, Youngster Joey, and more, and with a completely redone Silverdust Town containing a special nighttime only event!

    As of now, all of my new progress after Silverdust Town (beta 2) is currently sitting on my corrupted laptop hard drive. I am going to try to see if it is possible for me to retrieve it, stay tuned! Either way, Beta 1.5-The Rebirth is coming soon! Long live this project!


    And I'm pretty sure you can get that hard drive in your laptop since I'm pretty sure it's removable from the laptop itself just get a computer technician to fix it so you can work on your hack. :3

    Also I recommend you using Dropbox for backups it's really useful! :3
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