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Below is my own SU. Once EliteBeats and I feel that there are enough people in Connections I will post the details of the first chapter, which may or may not be a phenomena used in the actual series.

Name: Lennon Lee Chadwick

Nickname(s): None, but he doesn’t mind being called by his middle name.

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Appearance: Lennon is a fairly tall guy standing at about 6”2 but has a fairly lanky build being not particularly well built – he is however toned to a degree and quite fit. Lennon has shaggy black hair that he keeps long (down to a bit before the middle of his neck), falling around his face (covering his ears) but with a fairly short, spiky fringe in contrast. He has a fairly long face, but not disproportionately so and is almost always clean shaven. His eyes are a pale grey colour and if one were to look closely they could see they are actually quite deep – despite this colouring. Lennon is actually quite attractive although his messy long hair and typical attire downplay this a lot. Lennon has several scars over his body, most of which are concealed by his clothing – the most noticeable of these is a small horizontal scar below his left eye.

Lennon typically wears fairly average clothes and mostly steers away from big, expensive brands. His attire typically consists of black jeans of some description. He will usually were simple shirts of black or dark colours but will occasionally choose something with a slogan on it. Lennon always has a jacket or jumper on and will occasionally be seen with gloves and/or a beanie.

Personality: At first Lennon may seem like an unpleasant person. He doesn’t trust people easily and can be brutally honest with people, mostly due to varying degrees of social phobias. Despite this Lennon is actually a friendly and often funny person if you manage to actually get to know him and he wants to break free of his problems and make a better life for himself.

Lennon is rarely confrontational, although he can be if you press the right buttons, and suffers from a social phobia that can affect him either minimally or severely depending on the situation. He prefers to avoid large social situations but he is also determined to approve and actually develop some sort of social circle. If you do manage to become friends with Lennon he is highly loyal and can be surprisingly entertaining – although his humour will usually be dry or sarcastic. Despite being socially inept in almost every sense Lennon can be quite polite, and even charming sometimes and he actually really enjoys entertaining people, helping them with their problems or otherwise making them feel happy and although his has no social skills he is quite perceptive of other people.

Lennon is quite intelligent, although he is no genius, but has little interest in most of his subjects only putting enough effort in to score averagely in most of his subjects. This being said he is artistically very talented being brilliant at almost anything requiring artistic skill – meaning he is good with visual arts, music and he is even a decent dancer (although his lack of athleticism holds him back in the last one – he’s fit but not athletic).

Lennon is firm in his beliefs in human equality but usually lacks the initiative to stand up for other people due to his own phobias.

History: Lennon has spent most of his life in a fairly classy district of Paix. His father a fairly wealthy businessman and his mother an aspiring politician with a degree in economics. His artistic talent, and disinterest in much else, became apparent early on – as did his budding social disorder. Believing that these things were not becoming of his son (despite naming him after a Beatle...) Lennon’s father forced his son into athletics and martial arts and would often force him into uncomfortable social situations. This would often result in emotional breakdowns from Lennon which earned him ridicule from his peers and disapproval from the majority his family and their many social acquaintances.

Upon entering school Lennon was already withdrawn from his peers and frequently bullied. He would often refuse to work on group activities and preferred to stay in the class or library during breaks rather than socialise. He would spend his breaks reading and drawing whilst others would play sports or play around. His teachers, whilst recognising his artistic ability, encouraged him to socialise more often and draw less but he would not be swayed. Eventually the school brought in a psychologist, who as unable to diagnose anything specific but recognised that Lennon suffered from a social phobia or disorder (or possibly both). His parents dismissed this, and those students who found out about the issues used them as excuse to prey on him even more, this is when the physical attacks began to become more frequent.

By the age of eleven he had already been hospitalised twice but his parents would not pull him out of school to educate him at home, believing he just needed to toughen up. Things did start to look up for him later that year though; he met another student named Malaya who would often defend him being somewhat of an exile herself. She would become the only friend he had ever had in his life and during the next few years he became a lot more outgoing, he would frequently go to the local art gallery and even joined his schools musical program. Unfortunately for Lennon, Malaya and he were attacked by a group of their classmates and in the incident she died. Two of the offenders were prosecuted but the majority of the group walked free.

After the tragic event Lennon’s social disorder and phobias resurfaced to an even greater day, he wouldn’t attend school or even leave the house voluntarily and spent most of his time in his room studying various artistic skills – something his deceased friend had encouraged him to continue doing.

After over a year of studying (and littering his room with paintings and drawings, many of Malaya) Lennon finally decided to attend school again, and whilst still avoiding people and spending most of his time in solitude he began to make more of an effort to get through the ridicule and attacks. Approaching the anniversary of his friend’s death he voluntarily agreed to attend the Wings program in a last ditch attempt to break out of his shell and make something of himself.

Other: Apart from being able to draw Lennon can play several instruments, loves listening to music and has experimented with dance. He has three siblings, two older brothers and a younger sister. Lennon originally wanted to join the band but it was the fastest club to be filled. He ended up being allocated to the debate club instead.

RP Sample: From Reapers: Keepers of the Balance

Adrian struggled to remain on his feet as he prepared to face another onslaught from Calder, this was his last stand and quite probably his last few moment alive and he would be damned if he wasn't going to go down fighting. He took in the landscape around him as best as he could with his blurred vision admiring the rawness of the red desert - many would have hated the environment there but Adrian found it uniquely beautiful. Adrian returned his full attention to his enemy when he heard the arrogant harbinger taunting him
"Hello? Mr Deadman? Are you still in there?"
"Of course" Adrian forced himself to reply, returning his full attention to his enemy - another thing he wasn't going to do was show weakness... or fear. That would be the only victory he could manage in his circumstances and he wasn't going to let the harbinger take that from him too.

"Well, hurry up Calder. I don't have all day."
"You certainly don't" laughed the harbinger as , much to Adrian's disbelief, he returned his sword to his scabbard and redrew his bow, quickly knocking an arrow and launching it at Adrian. Adrian swung his blade up in a messy loop, his arm heavy and swore from exhaustion, barely fast enough to deflect the arrow.
"What the hell..." Adrian knew that Calder could easily have finished him in one more sword attack, why was he switching to his bow again - he'd already disproved Adrian's theory of him being primarily a long-ranged attacker clearly being equally, if not more, skilled at swordplay. The answer was quick enough to form in the Reapers mind
He's toying with me, he knows full well I've lost and he's playing games with me. It's like he's trying to send a message, but to who? Spencer and I? Just me? The Grims? Or am I reading to much into a sadistic lunatic determined to throw the world out of balance? Either way, if he wants me to go down he's going to have to come here and do it face-to-face... I just wish I had enough left in me for a spell.

Again there was the twang of the bow as an arrow flew at Adrian and again he deflected the projectile with a messy swipe of his blade. As Calder reached for another arrow Adrian took the time to glance behind him at Spencer - his comrade was on his feet and fighting bravely, but it was plain to Adrian that he wasn't much better of than himself. The sound of another arrow brought Adrian's attention back to his own dilemma. It was flying for Adrian's head, right between his eyes. the reaper raised his sword again to deflect the arrow only to find that it was pulsating with a white light
Oh no... why'd he have to choose now to pull a spell like that?
Adrian dove to his left as the arrow exploded in a bright white flash sending shards of wood and steel in all directions. Adrian was thrown back to the ground as the shrapnel dug into his clothes and skin leaving thin lines of blood dripping down his body. But a plan of action was beginning to form, an act of defiance that would at least give Spencer a chance to escape and go after the demon... or retreat if he didn't have the strength. Shaking uncontrollably Adrian climbed to his feet more determined than ever
Even if I lose, you're going to regret messing with me.

Calder loosed a pair of explosive arrows at Adrian who again dove to his left, taking damage from the shrapnel again as he forced himself back on to his feat.
"You know, I'm glad we had a better marksman than you on our side when we wrecked that warehouse of yours." he taunted his opponent, playing on his arrogance "What were you guys even doing in there? I didn't know harbingers liked to throw tea parties, does the boss let you use real tea or do you have to use tap water like a six-year-old?"
"You won't be so funny with an arrow sticking out of your head!" Adrian laughed, he didn't for a second expect a cold hearted person like Calder to care for the dead harbingers, and definitely not for the vampire army they were amassing there - but the insult towards being a harbinger he wouldn't take. A single arrow, pulsating a brighter colour than the previous ones, flew for Adrian who again dived to his left - being thrown even further by the stronger blast, but thankfully experiencing less shrapnel damage as more of the arrow had been completely destroyed by the explosion. Adrian took a chance to glance behind him

Another explosive arrow flew for Adrian, but he had other ideas. Using the last of his strength Adrian swivelled around in a burst of speed and hit the base of the arrow hard with the flat of his blade as if it were a base ball - dropping the sword in the process and falling to his knees as he completed a full rotation. The arrow that he had hit flew straight towards the female harbinger, who Adrian hoped would not be able to deflect it. The act cost him though as he no longer had the motor control to hold his sword. But he was still determined to go down standing tall, he dug the balls of his feet into the sand and using his hands pushed himself shakily to his feet.
"Well... C-Come on then. Hurry up."

Adrian heard the sliding of a sword from a scabbard as the world seemed to darken and blur in front of his eyes and in the next instant he felt an intense pain as Calder drove his sword straight through his stomach and slowly withdrew it to maximise his pain.

Adrian's vision went completely black as he fell to the side and rolled onto his back, a pool of blood gathering below him and seeping into the sand... and yet in that darkness his mind was still there. He wasn't dead yet, but it was likely he would be if he didn't get healed by someone very skilled in a short amount of time.
I only wish I could have a better view than darkness...

I know that he's a bit of a dramatic character, but I wanted to try something different to my usual characters

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