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Don't do it, don't do it, don't do-

Ah sod it.

I've got exams right now and already am part of four RPs but this looks waaay too interesting and fun to pass up, so I might as well SU, eh? Don't worry, I'm sure I can keep up as long as people don't write ridiculously fast aha

(SU still in draft, will get updated as time goes on.)

"Yes, I coppied your title Elite, and I have no regrets. xD"

Name: Alex Jolt Dawn
Nickname(s): None
Gender: Male
Age: 16


Note: Just a draft drawing for now

Alex is skinny; not skin-tight-to-the-bone skinny but definitely in the lower-end-of-'normal'-on-the-BMI-scale skinny. His around 5' 8", making him around average height for his age, and has dull pale skin. His eyes are an eccentric shade of blue, an attribute Alex doesn't really bother with but is actually one of the more attractive things about him. Alex doesn't really comb his hair much; it’s normally hurriedly swiped to the right and is quite messy. The ends of his hair used to cover one of his eyes, but after seeing that his right eye was getting weaker because of this Alex quite regularly cuts his hair so that it's not a length in which it would disturb his eyesight. His hair is dark chocolate brown in colour.

Considering apparel, Alex is normally not fussed at all; he just throws on whatever he has in his wardrobe. A typical outfit would be a maroon tee, a vintage blue jacket, black denim jeans and standard sneakers.

Alex has a distinct "British" accent, like they call it in the US.

Personality: Alex is quiet; he doesn't really converse much. This doesn't fit in at all with his family, who are normally very sociable and loud, and is kind of an unorthodox figure in the Dawn household. In school Alex isn't bullied or anything, but he spends his time quietly by himself and just replies politely to people when approached. Alex’s parents, being worried about their son, has several times sent him to a psychiatrist to have a check-up on him and try to “fix” his problem. After several appointments it was the psychiatrist who recommended the Wings programme to Alex’s parents and Alex himself.

Alex is very unusually talented at sports. He’s quick on his feet and possesses great agility; twisting and turning is like second nature for him. When it comes to his favourite Alex loves football (OOC: not referring to handegg, FOOTBALL) because his actually naturally good at it, but due to his shy personality and some history unfortunately doesn't play the sport itself much, no matter how much he gets pumped watching it from the sides. Outside of playing Alex doesn't have much interest in football in terms of supporting a team or such and his interest hasn't really peaked on any other sport.

When tensions rise Alex has a tendency to not care and blurt out anything that comes on his mind. He can hold in his temper and emotions well, but when the right buttons are pushed there are no boundaries on what Alex might say. This comes down to the self-deception of Alex that no one "understood" his problem, which was down to fear of hurting others and fear of a certain 'Billy', when really there wasn't much of a problem at all in the first place. But more on that when the story progresses.

Alex's favourite kind of music is garage and indie rock, and listens to bands such as The Strokes, The Vaccines etc.

History: Alex wasn’t always so shy.

The Dawn family through the generations has always been popular, wherever they lived, for being the most social people in the neighbourhood; constant parties and gatherings were put in place every weekend in their house. After a discovery from the famous archaeologist Sir Samuel Dawn back in 1859 of sunken ships full of treasure in Borneo, the Dawns had always swam in riches ever since. Even to this day Jack Dawn (Alex’s dad), Alexandra Dawn (Alex’s mum), Alex Dawn and Jessica Dawn (Alex’s older sister) still find themselves in a position most people would dream of.

Alex was born in April 20, in London. Through his early years Alex was just like the rest of his family; bubbly, chatty and generally loud. Alex brushed off his dad and his love for football, and started to like the sport himself too. After a few kick about sessions, Jack Dawn found out that his son was naturally gifted at the sport and tried to urge Alex to join a team so that real football scouts could see him play. At six years old Alex joined a local “little league” team – a football league which kids could play in. Alex, through his natural ability to be able to change directions quickly, found himself to become one of the league’s best players, scoring and assisting to his delight. There was much interest on him from other parents and kids alike, and just like everyone on his family he was the popular one. This went on until he was eight, when a football scout from the local club came and took Alex to a trial for the youth team. Alex passed with a breeze.

Alex continued his good form in the little league in the youth team. Although the levels of the players were much higher, Alex was still the best player in the whole team. Many coaches pinned him down as one for the future and gave him extra benefits compared to the other players. Although at first they were a little angry about this, they quickly gave in and Alex became the leader of the team, the one everyone aspired to be like. Except one person.

Billy Hicks used to be the star of the youth squad. That crown was quickly taken away and firmly gripped on by the newbie Alex, who suddenly was everyone’s favourite person. Billy hated Alex. He hated him for his gift and ability, and also for the fact that everyone loved him. Billy wanted to change that. And so one day, after nearly one year of Alex joining the local team’s youth squad, nine year old Alex was taken down by a reckless challenge by Billy. The youth manager became furious; the tackle could have caused a long-term injury on Alex, which would have substantially capped his growth for a long time. Luckily for Alex he came out fine, but chills went down his back when Billy gave him a vicious look, one which warned him that more was yet to come.

A few more months passed. Billy didn’t do much in the meanwhile, and Alex returned to normal. But in the summer break, when Alex was strolling through the local town centre Billy, his older brother and someone else jumped on him from an alley, taking him down, giving him a beating. After they were done Billy spat onto Alex and said, “This is for taking away my crown, you rich prat! If you know what’s good for you rich prat you would leave the team or next time I’ll get even more people!” Alex was devastated by the attack; he had lived a sheltered life till then and didn’t know that he was hurting someone just by playing well. Scared of Billy, Alex immediately quite the youth team and never joined another one ever again, no matter how many offers came in.

After the attack Alex got paranoid; he thought everywhere he went he saw Billy staring him down with his much older brother, laughing at him. Eleven year old Alex entered high school; if not for that attack he would have made ten friends in the first day, but being scared of hurting someone else and getting hurt himself he kept things to himself and only answered when spoken to. His parents noticed straight away when Alex stopped bringing friends over, and tried asking him what was the problem. Alex either told them “nothing” or reacted angrily and told them to mind their own business. Years went by; Alex got more and more used to being by himself, and stayed locked in his room whenever his parents had parties on their house.

After even more time Jack and Alexandra Dawn finally thought they had to do something about their son’s strange shyness before he entered adulthood and send him to appointments with a psychiatrist, who suggested the “Wings” program, based in Heights High School at Canada. After some thinking and discussion with Alex they agreed that it would be useful for Alex to join the program, and that leaves us where we are in present time.

RP Sample: Taken from the Johto Journeys RP

The glaring rays from the sun shone the carved pathways of Mahogany Town. The pebbles gleamed in return, it's soft texture reflecting the light back. The trees swayed on the calm breeze, their leaves slowly falling down one by one. Most of the locals were out, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere that the weather had brought; adults laid on the grass while kids played with either Pokemon or each other.

If it was any other day, Blake would of been cheerful, enjoying his day off in Goldenrod City or somewhere else. Unfortunately, it wasn't just any other day.

Blake strolled inside the rusted gate, keeping his hands firmly into his pockets. His hair for once was well done, and even with the moderate temperature he was wearing a long coat. Blake looked up uneasily, unsure if the baseball cap he was wearing was really covering his face enough. Not to his surprise not many people were around. Sighing, Blake continued walking through the zig-zag pathway. He knew exactly where to go; he had walked the same route for many years now. Leaves crumpled under every footstep Blake took. Most of the trees here had been completely cleaned by the wind and no one had bothered growing new ones, which annoyed Blake greatly. He hated the place. The eerie feeling, the uneasy yet sad atmosphere, the dejected expressions on the faces of people. But he has to come back. He wants to come back. He can't forget him.

Blake slowed his pace in an attempt to calm himself. Emotions always exploded whenever he used to come here in the past. Blake pondered back to the first time he had visited this place. Tears had soaked his face, the salty water dripping down from the chin. He used to be barely able to control his own body, let alone his sorrow. The past few years he had been able to contain himself much better, but his never been as calm as this. Ever.

Blake finally stopped and turned to his right. He brought out a small Iris flower from his pocket and crouched. A tear managed to creep past Blake's defenses and dance down his face, but he didn't bother clearing it. A few minutes later, Blake reached his hand forward and planted the violet blossom onto the soil, his hands trembling while doing so. After it was done, he continued to stare at the dug up earth, a steely expression on his face. And then he stood up. Before walking away, Blake muttered a few words towards the grave, struggling to hold back even more tears.

"Happy birthday, dad."

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