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Originally Posted by TheShinyEevee View Post
So sorry I haven't posted since I've joined! I was super busy hunting and with school and family stuff going on - I won't really have much time to post in this thread, but I'll try and keep up.

As for the HGSS thing, I'll be entering it as Heartgold please, as I found the following on there. I am using both to get a shiny before every gym, but hopefully I should get at least one shiny on that game before the 4th/8th gym!

And, to finish off, I recently found my first shiny for this challenge - a shiny Totodile called Jaws! I won't post the whole story here, but if you want to read about it it is in the SHC.

Thanks, good luck everyone!
No problem haha :D and gratz again :D! I will try tomorrow to do another 500 RE and hope to find it at leastttt before 8k RE because I am up to 7k RE and nothing to show for lol. Please if it shines, don't be a spearow again xD. Also major thanks for making this awesome signature card. I simply love it lol. Hopefully you will need to update it soon because I found another shiny haha, but I doubt it will happen lol.

@ Everyone good luck to you guys and I hope you will post once in a while, even if you aren't so lucky lol.