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    Looks cool I'll reserve.

    Name: Cassiopeia Garis
    Nickname(s): Cassie, Cass
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16

    Appearance: Cassiopeia has a small build and stature. She is 4'11 and weighs about 95 pounds very small for her age. She has dark chocolate brown hair that goes down to her mid back and is naturally curly she keeps her hair of of her eyes with a lilac colored butterfly clip holding her bangs to the left side of her face. Her skin is a dark olive color backing her Greek heritage and her eyes are almond shaped and a dark grey in color.

    Clothing wise Cassiopeia wears a white blouse with a lilac colored bow on the front of it. A knee length lilac colored skirt and white knee high socks with black Mary Jane shoes. For accessories she wears white stud earrings in her ears, and a lilac colored bracelet with a butterfly on it to match her hair clip.

    Personality: Cassiopeia is a very outgoing, bright, clever, and creative girl. She loves to read books, and almost always has some form of nonfiction or fiction novel on her. Particularly when it comes to fiction she enjoys reading crime novels and murder mystery stories. She's also very bright in more ways than one. She loves bright colors, like white and colors like lilac, pink, and pastel blue. She's also intelligent, she's a bit of a history nerd but she doesn't let anyone bother her about that. She loves to draw and sing and playing the violin in her spare time. Not that she has much. Cassiopeia makes friends very easily and is among the popular crowd at school. She's athletic as well and one of the head cheerleaders though she's not stuck up about it.

    Unlike most of the popular kids Cassiopeia is very kind and cares deeply about other people. She has no problems talking to new people and doesn't judge others. She also loves to help people which is her reason for volunteering for the Wings Program.

    History: Cassiopeia was born on October 3rd 1998 to two loving parents, Athena and Marcus Garis. Her life growing up was great. Her family is very wealthy and she has never gone without anything, But doesn't let it spoil her. She met her best friend Jared when they were in the first grade and his mother forgot to pack him a lunch so she shared hers with him. Ever since that day the two have been inseparable. He was there for her when she was nine and they got lost on a school trip to the museum, and when she volunteers at the local soup kitchen on Sunday mornings. Though when she turned 12 Cassiopeia discovered that her best friend was being abused and told her parents right away. Thanks to her intervention Jared's mother was arrested and her parents adopted him making her best friend now be her brother.

    When high school started Cassiopeia tried out for the cheer-leading squad and made it in, quickly rising to the rank of head cheerleader. She's been on homecoming court twice since she started high school, and everyone says that when she's a senior she'll be both homecoming and prom queen. Recently though she dumped the football star of the school because he was cheating on her and is heartbroken. To take her mind off things Cassiopeia signed up for the Wings program to take up more of her time so she could help others.

    Other: Cassiopeia is a vegan

    RP Sample: Cassiopeia sighed crossing her arms as she looked up at the red haired boy in front of her "Come on babe, I didn't mean to please forgive me."

    "No way Derick. You cheated on me" Cassiopeia shook her head and took the promise ring he had given her off. "I can't forgive that, and I can't stay with you. You cheated on me once, who says you won't do it again."

    "But baby please" Derick plead.

    "I said no Derick, and don't call me that you don't get to anymore." she put the ring back in his hand before turning to her locker and grabbing her books to hide the fact there were tears in her eyes. "Now just go away, go find Melony if your lonely, and by the way...don't try to spread rumors. The whole school knows what happened between us."

    She heard a sigh "just now Cassie, I'm really sorry" before footsteps walked off.

    Wiping her eyes Cassiopeia turned around hugging her books to her chest. We were together for two years, and he cheated on me she sighed again and looked towards the sound of approaching footsteps to see Jared walking up to her.

    "Are you okay Cass?" he hugged her tight.

    "I'll be fine Jared. You go on outside, I'll be out in a few minutes." she stepped back from the hug.

    "Alright Cass, I'll be waiting by your car" she watched as her best friend/adopted brother walked away before she headed to the office.

    "excuse me, I'd like to volunteer for the Wings Program" she smiled charmingly as the school guidance counselor looked up at her from his desk.

    "ah, Ms. Garis, I was wondering if you would volunteer or not, though I have to ask are you sure?" he slid the sign up sheet over to her.

    "I'm sure sir. You know I like to help others and this will be fun" she smiled more as she signed her name.

    "Alright Ms. Garis. You'll recieve information with the dates of the meetings on it, have a nice summer by the way."

    "I will sir. Thank you" she waved and walked out of the office heading to her car to see Jared leaning on it. "Ready to go?" she unlocked the car and put the top of the convertible down before getting in the drivers seat.

    "Yeah, what held you up Cass?" Jared got into the car and the two buckled their seat belts before Cassiopeia pulled out of the parking lot.

    "oh, I was just signing up for the Wings Summer Program"

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