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    Blaez Lee - Freeze City

    Blaez frantically looked around for something he could use as a weapon until he heard a strange gurgling sound in the direction of where he had left April. He swore to himself right before he dashed back just in time to see the man fall towards the ground. Blaez continued to check on April, who was in her human form now, sitting down with a cut on her leg. He shouldn't have left her behind and this was a mistake on his part. He knew it all too well.

    "Your leg..." Blaez looked down with a melancholic look on his face before. "I guess I can't leave you alone without something happening."

    Blaez frowned at her for a moment and then grinned placing his hand on her head. "Baka! At least you are okay."

    Blaez took off his jacket then tore a large piece of cloth off of his shirt, wrapping up the wounded section of April's leg in a surprisingly neat manner.

    "This'll do for now, but I need to treat it more later on. Can't leave an injury like this untreated. From the looks of it, you won't be doing much long distance walking, if any for a little while." Blaez felt indebted to April, but she was most likely doing it for the girl, who would have been unable to defend herself. He looked over to the little girl. "You might want to close your eyes and cover your ears. Just one more thing to take care of."

    Blaez walked over to the corpse of the man, which was now still and as dead as a doorknob, and stared at the man's face. It was in a stasis of shock and to be frank, it disgusted him. Only a fool would have tried to do such a thing and still expect to live. He grabbed a large piece of debris from a nearby building and walked back to the body.

    "You Bastard. You deserve everything you received today along with more. You attack unarmed people with such a weapon. You're nothing but a child hiding behind money and other people. May your god have mercy on you because I won't!" Blaez yelled before he thrust the piece of concrete onto the man's head, causing a loud splat and then silence. He couldn't forget to bring his tomahawk with him again because this could have turned out worse. He walked back over towards the girls and crouched in front of April, hoisting her on his back to give her a piggyback ride.

    "Don't expect this kind of treatment from me again." Blaez said, lowering his posture to allow April to ride comfortably without disturbing her leg too much. He turned over to the girl who seemed to be in admiration of April. "So where to?"

    The girl guided him back almost the exact way April lead him in. It was amazing how well the girl had this place mapped out. It was almost a maze back there.