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    Thanks for the tip =)

    I did try to do a bit of stretching in it, but I get paranoid sometimes when it comes to exaggerating an action too much sometimes, so it's a tad too subtle I suppose.

    Ok, so moving on:

    For the RPG I'm helping make, I figured I'd use my next step of practice on it. Battle sprites of course need to be made, so I decided to take the protagonist and make him an attack animation.

    So obviously, I'm not done. However I'm at a crucial stage right now. Obviously I need to actually sprite the character, and not just his skeleton. Beyond the obvious lack of details though, I need to decide where to speed things up, slow things down, and add frames. This is all a very rough 'WIP' and I'm just sort of looking for some second opinions.

    I know I need a frame for bridging between the last and first frames. I'm not sure where to go for the slices though. More frames might slow it down too much. I know animation wise, more would be nice, but on a sprite/game level you don't typically want too many frames in a movement like that, right?

    I'm also unsure on things like the poses through them. I did my best to act out these actions, and those are what I felt I was doing, but I'm also not an official sword/axeman.

    Oh well, that's why I'm taking a moment to stop an get some thoughts if possible, or in the very least let my head clear and come back to it.

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