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Originally Posted by O07_eleven View Post
Yes, we know. Ash and Pikachu must always be the underdogs and gracious losers, otherwise they couldn't keep reusing the same basic plot each season. Pikachu is still adorable though, even if he somehow forgets how to battle all the time.
Yeah this is just one of the things we have to accept if we want to watch a series that is meant to start over in every other season and where characters never age because new young audiences must always be able to relate to he main character.

Otherwise it could end up like Dragonball, with every enemy being stronger and STRONGER and STRONGER until they have fought god and- oh, sorry, they already fought Arceus, never mind.


They should have done it like the Digimon series did it, I honestly think. Let characters age realistically and switch to some other clones of the game protagonists with every new region, and have some exciting revisits of old characters once in a while. Who have actually aged by then.

But the anime is what it is. Pikachu will probably lose a few times in the beginning of the Kalos arc too, despite being lvl 170 or something by now :p

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