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A man enters the tavern, dressed in loose cloth of earthy colors, of beige and brown. A few leather belts seemed to be holding his outfit together. His head was wrapped in a long scarf, which trailed off behind him. Only his eyes and hands were visible, the skin of which was a dark tan. For he was a nomad, and one that had traveled to many places. On his hips, the handles to his daggers could be seen peaking out of the cloth he wore. Strapped around his back was a fairly normal looking lute. At times, you could almost make out the padded armor he wore under the loose clothing he wore.

He looked around the tavern, a boring and drab place. He spotted the sign. It seemed he had stumbled into a place that had some problems with Goblins. He walked over to the table slowly, and took a seat to wait for the meeting to begin.

While he waited, he pulled his lute around, and began to play a soft tune. It had bright tones, but was somehow sad. He sang quietly, so that conversations could still be had without disturbance. His voice was deep and smooth, and it carried the sense that this man had felt unimaginable pain.

"Oh little birdy, don't you cry
just spread your wings across the sky
if you can find it in your heart
just don't cry until you start

Fly, fly, fly away
fly into the stars at night
Fly, fly, fly away
fly until you see the light

Oh little birdy, don't you see?
your tears will be the end of me
if you should find that you're in pain
just fly away into the rain

Fly, fly, fly away
fly into the stars at night
Fly, fly, fly away
fly until you see the light

Fly until... you see the light..."

There was a slight applause for his performance, it was enough to bring a little life into the tavern. he replaced his lute on his back, and turned to the rest of the table, and waited silently.
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