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    Here's my SU:

    Full name: Sirilia Eduine Halia
    Age: 24
    Allegiance: Kingdom of the Skies
    Position: Former Mercenary, Avian Lord
    Appearance: Sirlia is 5’02” (1.57 m) and wields both a sword and a bow. She keeps her quiver on her shoulder and her scabbard beside her waist. Sirlia is one of the most agile and strong members of the Kingdom of the Skies despite not looking very physically strong. Sirilia has a scar on her right cheek from war wounds and has a red bandana wrapped around her neck.
    To see what Sirilia looks like without her weapons and bandana, click on the following link:
    History: Sirilia grew up in a land far from Rokto. Her mother died of pneumonia when she was five and Sirilia never knew her father. Sirlia had no known relatives, and was forced to live on the streets. On the streets, she picked up techniques such as pick-pocketing and begging. At around fourteen, she became the apprentice of a mercenary called Xyeryx and underwent training for years. At eighteen, she became a world-class mercenary and unwillingly assisted Xyeryx come to power. However, she escaped the grip of her former master and escaped her homeland, on a ship bound towards Rokto.
    Sirlia arrived in Vermillion City, ready to start her new life away from the terrors of her homeland. She travelled in solitude up to the Rock Tunnel where she began to train herself for her eventual return to homeland. However, she discovered Katashi’s firm grip on the land and joined the Kingdom of the Skies. Upon initiation as a mercenary, she met her partner, Skarr and the bond between the two bloomed quickly. The two became known as the Sutelen for their skilled flying skills and their great friendship. Over her six years of allegiance to the Kingdom of the Skies, Sirilia and Skarr have proven themselves worthy on numerous occasions and have built up quite a reputation. Two years ago, Sirilia was promoted to a captain and was given a manor near Lavender Town where she recuperates with Skarr. A year ago, she made this her permanent residence for a year where she would look after bird Pokemon and would spend time training with Skarr. However, casting aside her temporary retirement, Sirilia is ready to actually fight against the evil forces of Katashi.

    Pokémon partner:
    Species: Skarr (Skarmory)
    Appearance: Skarr is a large Skarmory, and likes to fly his master around a lot. Skarr is 5’07” (1.7 m), which is taller than his master and he weighs heavier than an ordinary Skarmory, being 132 lbs (60 kg). Skarmory also has a red bandana wrapped around his neck and has sharper claws than the average Skarmory. He can read Sirlia’s emotions easily, and is very playful around Sirilia. Skarr doesn’t like other humans or Pokémon and is very loyal to his master.
    Estimated level: 45
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