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To Hell We Ride – November 8th, 2012

Champ de Mars, Paris, France

The cool Parisian air hung low around the peak of the Eiffel Tower as morning soon gave way to midday. Below, humans moved on unaware, like tiny little ants of the figure that now cast his arms out wide amidst the fog more than a thousand feet above the grass below. It was right now, in this moment that he felt most powerful, that he finally realised what he was striving for. It had been a momentous two weeks following the reveal of the Atlanteans within the general human populous and already the growing concern and anger between the two races slowly cemented. Religions preached against the god-like nature of the Atlanteans, cursing them as demons and devils here for Judgement Day. Corporations and business became weary as their clientele and even workers were ousted as Atlantean, even schools began the slow process of banning Atlantean children from attending. This was perfect, they were now lost amongst a sea of chance in which the world could swing either way.

And he was here to push it one way.

”With you it’s never good enough,”

Far below him, a ruckus began to garner attention from the early morning passer-by’s as an amateur band plugged in their amps to begin the soundtrack to his day. They were, of course, a part of his plan, as well as being Atlantean like himself. They were friends, idealists, people that firmly believed in the lies he spun their way in order to get them to follow like mindless sheep.

”Because you want the stuff,
that could change your future,”

He was here to change the future, mold it into the one woven before his eyes.

”And now the more you dance,
just gets you sinking deeper,”

Laughing a maniacal laugh, he cast his head up to the sky, calling out to the heavens above. From a single glint in his eye, he could see the first of his toys come crashing to the earth, responding to the unimaginable pull of his ability. Today would be the day that goes down in history, today would be the day the world realises just what kind of people the Atlanteans are. Today, it was their time to inherit the earth from the cancerous human population.

The first of the meteorites streaked past his left plank, pummelling into the ground a few feet from the Eiffel Tower, grinding up several citizens below. Screams of horror from below filled the air as sirens shrieked from around the city. Above them all, many more meteorites began to burn into existence as they tore through the outer layer of the earth’s atmosphere. From on high, he could see a young, almost late teen girl standing under the shade of one of the trees that lined the paths. If she was here, then it only solidified his belief in the dawning day.

Justin Evans – Atlantean Royal Mansion, Boston, England

Justin was not the first to hear the screams echo from the Oracle’s room, startling the students that were enjoying their period of free time before classes started for the day. A figure came sprinting towards him, long sleeves flapping wildly around his arms as he made a beeline for the crouching Justin.

“Sir,” Kieran spoke through abated breath, “She had a vision… she spoke names… it’s pretty big…”

Justin knew that any vision of the Oracle’s was dire, she could see all that has been, all that is, all that will be and every other possibility under the sun. She spent much of her long life in a coma, but would speak at times to give them important information. If she screamed, this new vision that was coming into effect was most likely something big.

“Okay, Kieran, gather those who she spoke of, meet us on the Helipad, I’ll get River.”


Five minutes later, and Justin, now flanked with River, began addressing the recruits, some looking dishevelled as if they’d dressed themselves in a hurry, others worried about what was happening.

“I’m sorry your first mission will be like this, but this is important. You have all been seen by The Oracle as a part of the event that will take place soon if it hasn’t already started. You’ve all been here a week, and have definitely got a better hold on your abilities, so now it’s time to put that into practice. Austin, Minerva and Kim, you will all work under River as the offensive team, you will be the ones to face the threat front on. Charlotte, Kieran and I will be the supplementary team, helping those who we can to safety. Another of our teams which has already been despatched to France will meet us there.” He ran them through the outline before hopping into the helicopter and gesturing the recruits to enter as well.

With everyone in, River fired up the controls, speaking over the headset, “Good luck guys, I have faith in all of you.”


The chaos and destruction around chaos was nothing compared to the sight of meteorites falling through the sky and crashing into anything that lay below. River had years of piloting experience, but even she found it difficult to swerve and manoeuvre through the smoke that covered the sky line. The helicopter even rocked a couple of times as meteorites rocketed past the metal contraption. Suffice to say, they landed safely (as safe as you could get in a meteorite stricken Paris) on the outside of the Champ de Mars. They took no time in piling out of the helicopter, surveying the destruction and havoc around them.

“Team, with me!” River called at the three motioning forward as she moved herself further into the smoky battleground, heading towards the Eiffel Tower; the only part in the city which had hardly been affected.

“Keep an eye out for the others, in case they get hurt,” Justin ordered, “send as many people as you can to the metro below ground, but don’t get killed!”

Daniel Cain – Syndicate HQ, Birmingham, England

“Alright… okay… I’ll send them asap.” The phone clicked as the other end hung up. It was still early in the morning, but the others should have been up by now, getting ready for another day of training. As per the Boss’ request, he kept an eye out for Wyatt, taking particular attention at the boy’s progression towards amplifying his ability. He was still confused at why such a low ranking Atlantean could be of use to the boss, but already the kid was proving his worth in combat situations with his bow, slowly adapting his multivisional ability to better suit fighting with a bow.

The elevator soon opened up to the living quarters of the younger Atlanteans. Fletcher brought his legs up closer to his body as he sat on the couch, his blue ‘halo’ hovering just over his body as flares of blue struck into existence every now and again as cartoons flickered across the television screen. He always ignored Daniel when he entered the room, mainly because his child’s mind understood that the others were the ones he was after. October was flirting with the others whilst still hanging onto one of Adrian’s many arms while he shovelled protein rich food into his mouth. Jeremy bounced back and forth, chatting like a child with Fletcher whilst conversing with the older kids at the table on whatever issues they had while Wyatt sat uncomfortably beside October.

“October, Adrian, Jeremy, Wyatt, follow me,” he addressed the older children; Jeremy paused at the table, “Fletcher, get ready for training and head down to the lab. Doctor Meier will work your training with you.”

Several floors down, and the five of them emerged from the elevator into a hallway full of conference rooms, none in use at this time of day, leaving Fletcher alone to travel down to the research centre. Picking the first on their left, and motioning for the four of them to sit, Daniel began the rundown.

“My source has confirmed that the Atlantean Royal Family is moving towards Paris, France. Apparently there is something big going down, and we need to make an appearance. Jeremy will teleport the three of you just south of the Champ de Mars, from there you’ll find what’s causing the ruckus, minimalize it, and bring any survivors back. If casualties occur, so be it. Try to keep out of the way of the AUP or ARF, we don’t want to be drawn into their feud. Now go.”

“Hold on tight,” Jeremy warned to the others, appearing in the middle of the table and grasping the others hands. In a small ‘pop’, he was gone, leaving the Directive by himself in an empty conference room. Finally, everything was coming together, all the big players in this game were going to be in Paris, and everything was going to come from the decisions they made.

”You know it’s not enough.”

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