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    Sorry people, but only the GM gets the full sign-up this time!

    ∣ Wakahisa Jinsoku
    Signing Up

    Chapter Zero: Part Zero

    Full Name: Wakahisa, Jinsoku (Last, First)
    Nickname: Jin (Pronounced Jean)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Class: Thief (with some Mage DNA in him)

    Appearance: Jin has slate blue eyes, dirty blond hair, and fair skin. His hair is medium-length and seemingly messy, though this is just his hairstyle. He generally wears plain clothing, usually solid white tops and gray bottoms, though the type of clothing varies. However, in battle, he'll wear light armors over his clothing. He stands tall, just above six feet, though he is known to slouch when relaxed.

    Personality: Jin is, despite his career, a very laid-back and relaxed individual. He actually enjoys getting on some people's nerves, though this is simply one of the ways he shows affection for others. He can be very optimistic, and ironically, goofy. Despite his silly nature, he is serious when he needs to be, and this change in personality has surprised others. He enjoys a good laugh, and dislikes any negativity. When facing a situation of almost unavoidable defeat, he would rather do his best to win and die rather than give up and live. He is very headstrong, stubborn, and courageous. He takes advantage of every joy in life, and absolutely will not take "No" for an answer. Some find him a bother and an annoyance, others enjoy his lighthearted nature and often find his interaction a good idea when they are feeling down and need some cheering up. He is generally caring to most people, though if he isn't kind to someone, he most likely has his reasons.

    History: (Will be revealed IC, rather than spoiled here)

    Code: Check, mate!

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