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I personally have to say that Unfezant isn't that great, while it does have a tempting ability in Super Luck, and the critical hit rate can be boosted by a Razor Claw/Scope Lens the major problem is that its offensive stats lean towards the physical side and most of the moves it learns outside of TMs/HMs/Move Tutors are special-based.

Sigilyph is a good option if you want a Psychic-type, although the problem with yours is that the Jolly nature slightly weakens its great Special Attack. It does learn a good variety of both damaging and non-damaging attacks (it gets both Psychic and Air Slash which feed off that great Sp. Atk) and it's faster than most of the bulkier Psychics found in the game. It also can have Magic Guard for an ability, basically rendering indirect damage on it useless.

Crobat is actually pretty awesome from what I've heard, it's fast, and has solid offensive stats, and its defenses aren't too bad either. Although the Calm nature weakens its higher Attack stat, it does get a really good move in Acrobatics, which can hit for around 110 power if not holding any items.

Natures don't matter as much in-game, but I often do tend to go for natures that suit my Pokemon's main damaging stat better, I'd say the one you use depends on what you also have on your team. I'd probably pick either the Crobat or the Sigilyph if I were you.