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    Originally Posted by OliveCopper View Post
    Hello, This is OliveCopper, submitting a project on a general idea. This game was inspired by various games, but it is unknown how game development will be made... There will not be any new Pokemon or "Fakemon" but rather just the 649 known Pokemon. It is non-canonical, and therefore not compatible with any other Pokémon games.
    Getting at least a working title, and a general idea of what your story will be about should be useful in getting your ideas flowing. If your game takes place in the Pokéfuture you could potentially place extra focus on some of the tech-Pokémon such as Porgyon. Maybe the main character is a hacker who gets sucked into a computer where he meets... Oh wait that sounds familiar.

    Science has been drastically enhanced, and the movesets, abilities, and other stuff of the Pokémon have been redone. Each Pokémon can have 3 abilities, which can be switched out scientifically. There may even be some moves/abilities not in the official games.
    3 Abilities sounds nice; perhaps every Pokémon's 3d Ability is especially useful for team battles?

    Starter? What's a Starter Pokemon? You have to hatch your first Pokemon from an egg. Your first egg is random, giving more possibilities than just the Starter Pokémon.


    At the start, you get a Mystery Egg, which will contain a random Pokémon. The fact that your first egg is a "Mystery Egg" is to avoid having to reset for a specific egg. You try to protect the egg from danger, and after a while, the egg hatches into your first Pokémon, which will be at Level 1.
    While this sounds like a good idea, random Pokémon also means random starting Type(s), which means that especially at game start you'll need to program wild Pokémon that don't have any immunities, and the player will need to have access to enough Pokémon so you don't show up with your random Dark 'starter' at the Fighting gym.

    Hey, that formatting looks familiar .

    Have fun puzzling.
    Check out the Pokémon Mythos full concept thread, it's an epic.
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