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Ah my bad guys! I haven't been here in a while. >_>

Originally Posted by F1refly View Post
Username: F1refly

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No no! You didn't get the last one right. XD That's okay, I hope you at least get it though. You're added anyway.

Welcome to the club F1refly!

Originally Posted by ZachLMedia View Post

So let's discuss One Last Run...

Do y'all have thoughts on this episode based on the preview? Do y'all think it's gonna be a scary one to watch?

Based on the preview alone, it's enough to tell me that there's either a multi-part series of episodes on this storyline or a cliffhanger coming up. It's a sudden twist on the general plot of Adventure Time and Ooo, and Jake appears to be under a lot of duress. I hope Jake isn't penalized for any crime he commits, but I think for sure that we're going to see a dark side of Jake.
One Last Job you mean.

Apparently this episode aired in Canada already instead of James Baxter the Horse.So if you're in Canada and saw the episode already please refrain from all spoilers. (or if you saw a leaked version online, which I'm sure has also happened.) But anyway, you could be right, this episode could a two/multi-parter or one of those episodes that end in cliffhanger and then we don't hear anything about it for a few more episodes or until the next season. I do think this episodes' gonna be the more intense and scarier one we've have in a while. I agree with Zach in saying that we will see a darker side of Jake cause he's gonna be under a lot of pressure to save Jake Jr. and I think that will get to him. It looks like he's gonna need to steal that diamond to get his daughter back and I think he'll do anything to save her. Also Tiffany's coming back, so I'm excited to know there's gonna be more of a backstory on her him and that there might be more on how him and Jake know each other and maybe why he wants to be Jake's best friend all the time. That's what I hope we get out of this episode.

I'm gonna make this the new topic.

Discuss the next episode, "One Last Job". Do you think it's gonna be a scary episode to watch?Do you think we will see a darker side of Jake?

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