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Faces to Names: Syndicate

Again, another small(ish) post detailing the Syndicate side of NPCs that we have. I’m sure Skymin is working fervently on the AUP list of NPCs for you guys. I will also put links in the first pages of both the OOC and IC to these posts as I updated both pages. Anyway, enjoy! Also, I apologise if I made the Blind Prophet seem like 80 years old, I didn't realise I had described him as "wizened and old." Oops, my bad. XD

Jeremy Kyle

Age: 19
Height: 5’10’’
Weight: 72kg
Nationality: Canadian
Ability: Teleportation

Soft and kind-hearted are the two biggest attributes Jeremy possess. For most of it, he acts as the guardian of Fletcher, despite the boy being able to protect himself, by being the moral and verbal support the kid needs. As for the Syndicate, he is essentially the Directives’ errand boy. A pacifist at heart, Jeremy shies away from conflict, often escaping the situation entirely by teleporting away, and thus to compensate, acts on the Directive’s behalf, moving the Syndicate’s Atlanteans around and any other errand they need done. Unfazed by this, he happily works for the Syndicate, and has been for the last three odd years since leaving Canada. Only the Directive fully understands why Jeremy works for the Syndicate, and the two barely even speak of it.

Daniel Cain aka The Directive

Age: 34
Height: 6’1’’
Weight: 83kg
Nationality: American
Ability: Thought Projection

Seemingly emotionally blank and quite unreserved, Daniel has one of the harder jobs within the Syndicate; keeping all the Atlantean agents under control. His ability allows his thoughts to be projected out around him in a full 360 degree, immersive, 3D-like fashion. Most of the time, he uses his ability for intimidation, or to install severity when talking, yet there have been no records of him using it for any other purpose. As hard as he is on the kids, he’s acting on the orders he receives from his superiors’, mostly from The Boss, without question as he knows well enough that they know what they are doing. Despite this, he’s always held a curiosity for others’ abilities, and quite often enjoys watching his ‘children’ develops theirs’ further.

Adrian Santoro

Age: 22
Height: 6’4’’
Weight: 125kg
Nationality: Brazilian
Ability: Extra Arms

Pure and simple; he’s a gym-junkie. Back in Rio, Adrian worked as a personal trainer in one of the more popular gyms closer to the slums of Rio. Here, he taught classes to younger kids on how to defend themselves from people trying to attack them through Brazilian Jujitsu as well as training older folk. It took two weeks after Adrian’s tattoo revealed itself for his new set of arms to begin growing, after going through immense pain where his body changed to fit the mutation. A week later and he was recruited into the Syndicate by October, both taking a fancy to one another. After just over a year in the Syndicate, he acts as the Directive’s 2IC, keeping the others in order as well as being the unofficial leader of the group. His extra pair of arms are now just as muscled as his first set, and boy can he pack a punch. Still, he trains often, more so than any of the other members, his way of making up for his lack of a “super” power.

October Carter

Age: 20
Height: 5’5’’
Weight: 58kg
Nationality: British
Ability: Seismokinesis

Having grown up within the folds of the Syndicate, she is the longest serving younger member of the Syndicate. Her father was once a scientist within the firm, promoting his own daughter towards their research, who later died of a heart attack. Since then, she has trained and worked as an agent of the Syndicate, keeping the same cold-hearted exterior day in and day out. The only one she ever warms up to is Adrian, whom she almost hangs off of, and is more often than not by his side. She’s mean to the other Atlanteans, partly because they don’t know what she’s been through, but also due to her own insecurities. She thinks of herself more as the ‘princess’ of the Syndicate, despite this being radically untrue.

Fletcher White

Age: 8
Height: 3’8’’
Weight: 26kgs
Nationality: British
Ability: Forcefield Projection

The youngest member of the Syndicate, he was recruited following the devastation of Berlin wherein his brother and family were killed. He has adopted Jeremy as his surrogate brother, and listens to anything Jeremy would say, however when Jeremy is not around, he wanders down to the Research and Development Lab to train his ability. Shy and reserved, he has a strong determination, as well as a constant bubble of forcefield surrounding his body; the forcefield growing lighter the weaker it is, and more distinctive the stronger. It seems as if the Syndicate keep him around since his family died, and putting an 8 year old kid out on the street just isn’t their style. However, there are rumours floating around that the Syndicate actually has secret plans for Fletcher.

Darren Stagg aka The Boss

Age: 35
Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 82kg
Nationality: Welsh-Irish
Ability: Perception Alteration

Little is known about the leader of the Syndicate, even more so of his identity. His ability allows him to influence and change the perception people have of him, essentially masking his identity without physically changing his appearance. He started the Syndicate 15 years ago as a bank and lending agency, but soon took over from the other CEOs and used the bank as a front, while he hid the real Syndicate behind the façade. His motives seem to be some sort of worldwide influence or dominance, and the only other person he consorts with is the even more mysterious Blind Prophet. Calm and calculating, he is willing to wait for years to put plans in motion, but gets edgy whenever they are nearly in full bloom.

Rose Marian Evans

Age: 23
Height: 5’7’’
Weight: 55kg
Nationality: Irish
Ability: Botanokinesis

Secretary to Darren Stagg, she has been with the company for nearly three years following a fall-out with her brother, Justin. Her ability is similar to Justin’s in that it revolves around Nature, but while he controls wood, she can manipulate plants. People often comment that she has a ‘flowery’ scent to her, and more than often she loves to leave roses’ lying around, almost like her personal calling card. Sarcastic, mouthy and disrespecting of everyone except the boss, she has a love-hate friendship with the Directive, where she loves to make him hate her. When she is bored, she enjoys pulling the thorns off of roses and sticking them to her face.

The Blind Prophet

Age: 39
Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 75kg
Nationality: British-Canadian
Ability: ??

The enigma of the Syndicate, most people even refute the fact that he even exists. The only person to ever really keep contact with this mysterious figure is the Boss himself. There’s not much known about him, but what we do know is that he has some sort of plan he has ‘seen’ that he intends to put into motion, through the support of the Syndicate. It really begs the question as to who really is this shady character, and is he even real. It is rumoured much that he may be one of the few remaining true full-blooded Atlanteans still walking the Earth alongside the ARF’s The Oracle and The Librarian. One thing for certain is, the man's clouded eyes are a sure fire sign that he is in fact, blind.

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