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So after spending 30 minutes getting pictures on this reply I go to preview post but I need to have posted 15 or more things to post url's!
So here's you go I guess I'll just put up a little entry!
I don't start nuzlocke challenges til I get pokeballs!
-Entry #1-
1. Named myself Mik and my rival Mom.
2. My choice of starters respectively were Scyther, Ampharos, and Spearow.... I chose Syther
3. Did the whole parcel thingy for Oak.
4. Got my pokeballs time to start the challenge!
5. My first encounter on Route 1 was Lileep (caught) and named him Noodles!
6. Went to Route 22, first encounter there was Swampert (caught) and named him Swamp'd!
7. My first encounter on Route 2 was....... HOPPIP (caught) and named him Kirby.
That's all for now! Sorry for the quick session!