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    Gameboy Colour: Pokemon Gold
    The game where I got my first level 100, Dodrio and I pretty much spent my entire childhood on this game, a pity the save file is lost though. For some reason, I just love walking around the town and talking to the people.

    Gameboy Advanced: Megaman Battle Network Games
    Although I could not solve the puzzles personally, I always had fun asking around my friends and the game's actually quite challenging in my opinion, the story's great and the boss fights man... Aww...

    Nintendo DS: Pokemon Heart Gold
    As you all know by now, I just love the Johto region so much, this is the only Pokemon game that exceeded 100 hours for me (I clocked like 400 hours).

    Playstation 1: Pro Evolution Soccer 2, Digimon Card Game, Tekken 3, The Spyro franchise
    Love all these games, still playing them occasionally.

    Playstation Portable Yugi-oh games, Disgaea
    Who doesn't like Yugioh games really and Disgaea of course, one of my favourite RPG titles.

    PC: Maplestory, Runescape
    This MMORPGs haha, I was never really a PC gamer because I always had wooden PCs (literally) that can't really support any games at all. So I had to resort to playing MMORPGs, I really spend a lot of time on them, until I realised that these games are never ending and I stopped.

    These are the only consoles I own though, if I can include lots of other consoles that I didn't own, but played it with my cousin, this list could be much longer.
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