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  • Hi, I'm happy to see you again! :mareepwave: 🤍

    How have you been?
    Oh no, what happened? D:
    I've been moving around a few times in the past couple years and was just laid off from a job I liked in the city about three months ago, so I've been sorta working through that and trying to figure out what's next for me. But things are arguably a lot less busy in my life and I wanted to come say hi!
    I see. I hope you enjoy your stay here, then! :D
    Giving you one more hug.

    Saw your Emotion post. Sorry that the summer months are getting you down. Maybe this slowpoke ice cream sundae will help sweeten things?

    Ah, yeah. As of the last update, I am making the image sizes smaller. Imgur's page has thumbnail size options.

    "Large" is about 600*400 I think, and it's much easier to load my thread if they're that size. I think that's the size I'm going to stick with. Medium is too small, so large is the way to go.

    I need to focus on getting a new phone rn so I have to make due with this old piece of equipment. Aha. Or getting my display panels fixed on my working phone... whichever is cheaper.
    You have already helped a bunch, got us at least back to where we started at 30. Could try to get something more attack-worthy to replace wiglett or Vanillish to keep Slowpoke safe. Don't tire yourself out though, every bit you contribute counts :)
    Yeah, I have a lot of notes for most of my characters since I'm a writer. Conveying personality through drawings is a little more difficult, but I think drawing them with their expression helps a lot.

    I also try to explain every piece I draw with a tiny blurb, though so people know the thought behind it.
    I always try to since I prefer to be transparent about where I got inspiration from.

    It's easier for me to start with the head so I can get a general feel of where the hair will be. I always prefer to do head and hair before anything else. I'm not too bothered if the heads I draw are too big since I draw cartoony, exaggerated proportions, anyway.
    Ah, yeah, I definitely am an improviser, for sure. I make do with what I'm capable of and have.

    But, I do always start drawing from the head and work my way down, just do so differently, I guess? At some point, I'll take a few pictures of a wip maybe to show what my progress looks like.
    I've tried that and it's really hard for me to draw that way. :( I don't know why, but for whatever reason, I can't do the stickman approach.

    So, I do things the simple way. Usually, I draw a half circle and continue from there. Maybe that's weird, but I was never able to do it that way.
    I usually look at anime since my art style is supposed to reflect that, and those are pretty expressive, too.

    I stopped using pencil because it's easier to learn from my mistakes by seeing them where they are with pen. It actually helps me more to learn from imperfections than to get rid of them. Our pencil sharpener on the wall also doesn't sharpen well, so it's difficult to work with pencil in that kind of situation.

    Using lined paper, though, I think I can use the lines to help me size better since that's kind of what they're there for, after all. (I don't know what helper lines are...)
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